Body Massage Techniques For Women

massage techniques - way to position and support the woman's body during the massage, and how to modify techniques

By massaging your friend or living partner and allow him to or her perform the same to you, you’ll both get emotionally nearer to each other, and both get several health benefits. Massaging may benefit the mental state of the individual you work on, the muscular condition, the blood circulation and also the lymph drainage. However, what you would like to achieve, will determine the precise technique you use.

A good massage, following a long and tiring week, will be a pleasant treat. Add, the pleasure as a result of the fact that your spouse or perhaps a loved one is the one that is calming and soothing the parched regions of your body. Blissful, isn’t it!! In case your spouse has lately undergone lots of stress and seems tensed and strained constantly, the best bet is always to allow him/her the indulgence of the home spa. Are at this point you wondering how to provide a full body massage? If so, then read the following lines, by which we have provided ideas & technique for giving a complete body massage.

Body Massage Techniques

Massage has been utilized as a therapeutic and relaxation way of several centuries. Certain cultures and peoples allow us their own unique techniques of body massage.

Basically, massage involves manual kneading and manipulation from the soft tissues within the body to enhance circulation and also to modify certain physiological processes using the intention of relieving pain, discomfort, stress and fatigue whilst promoting health. It is the holistic use of physical touch and affects almost all the body systems.

Step one

Before giving a massage, it is very important to set the atmosphere for it. Firstly, select a dimly-lit room that is neither darker and uneven nor too bright. The temperature from the room should also be perfect. Play nice, soothing music without anyone’s knowledge and have aroma candles and flowers all over the room.

Step two

Body Massage Techniques

Body Massage Techniques

To start the process, acquire some fluffy towels, which the person receiving the massage can lay down. In the meantime, heat some calming aromatherapy oil. The heat of the oil provides soothing effect towards the person and also help your hands slide smoothly on his/ her body. Choose oil which has a sweet soothing fragrance.

Step three

Make the person lie around the flat steady surface, front-side down. Ask him/her whether he/she feels safe or not. It is very important to stay in a comfortable position throughout the massage; lest the topic complains of having an ache following the therapy.

Step five

Concentrate on the main areas of the body that have a lot of tension and require greatest relief. The top, neck, shoulders and back would be the most prominent regions, wherein the massage ought to be focused. Pour oil on your hands and begin by massaging the bilateral temples, in a circular motion. Apply slight pressure all over the head and behind the ears.


This kind of massage is very good to relax tense muscles along with a stressed mind.

You perform this massage by rubbing or gripping across the direction from the muscle fibres or across tendons. You are taking one area after the other. You start by massaging each area lightly, superficially and slowly to warm-up, and then proceed by massaging deeper, firmer and much more swiftly.

According to the size and scenarios of the area you treat, you should use different types of manipulation. Use a couple of fingers in a small area, in order to reach deep right into a tense point. You are able to rub with all your fingers or with the palm of the hand at greater areas. To obtain a harder effect, you should use your finger knuckles.


This kind of massage will give the next effects: Stiffness will be reduced or cured, and also the muscles will grow in mobility. The muscles can get better blood supply and drainage. The muscles will receive a better drainage of tissue fluids in to the lymph system, and thereby swollen muscles will normalize. These effects will consequently make tired muscles faster regain good shape.

By this massage you stroke along the direction from the muscle fibres, and always in direction of the blood stream for the heart.

Also you now take one area following the other, but attempt to reach the whole period of a muscle or muscle group each and every stroke. Also with this massage, you begin massaging each and every area lightly, superficially and slowly to warm-up, and then proceed by massaging deeper, firmer and somewhat faster.

Also with this longitudinal massage, you can press down and stroke together with your finger tips, with all your fingers, or grip around a muscle or muscle group together with your fingers.

Precautions for massage

Ayurveda dictates that massage shouldn’t be performed in people who are afflicted by fever, diarrhea, bowel disturbances or pregnancy. Most therapists don’t advice massage in people with certain generalized skin eruptions, tumors, certain allergies or sensitive veins. It’s also essential to ensure that the therapist performing the massage is qualified in providing massages.

Frequency of massage

The frequency that one gets a massage can differ based on several factors including time commitments and financial status. However, massage is just one of those therapies that you can never have enough of. The benefits of the method of treatment far outweigh the possibility hazards. The fact that it’s a non-invasive healing measure comprises for nearly all of its few drawbacks.

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