7 Home Remedies For A Successful Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests are helpful in making the woman confidant that she is expecting a baby. Here are a few homemade pregnancy testers that you can try, using simple items found in your house.

Pregnancy is perhaps the most special feeling of going to be mother that any woman would love to experience. Pregnancy tests are helpful in making the woman confidant that she is expecting a baby. Through these tests one can be sure about pregnancy before even visiting the doctor. There are other home remedies helpful for determining the pregnancy in women.

Ok so you think you are pregnant. And you can’t wait to break the news to everyone in the house. But how do you make sure you are really pregnant before making the announcement? Simple, just opt for these natural methods to confirm a pregnancy at home itself.

Below are natural methods to confirm a pregnancy at home itself.

Home Remedies For Pregnancy Test

Home Remedies For Pregnancy Test

Mustard Powder

If you have missed your periods. Load a shower with hot water and put some fresh mustard powder to it. Now dip your body in the water for 15 to 20 mins. Get a bath with plain water and wait around until the following day to see, if your period begins the pursuing day. If it does, then it could be that your period is delayed due to other factors. Nevertheless, if there is no sign of a bloody release, possibilities are that you are ready for a baby.


One of the simplest and most effective ways of confirming your pregnancy involves a little bit of the toothpaste you use to brush your teeth every day. Take a clean container and collect your urine in it first thing in the morning. Keep the container aside. If after a short while, the toothpaste changes blue in color or turns frothy, you are pregnant.


Blend a small sample of your urine with vinegar in a plastic glass and mix it. While mixing, you may see some bubbles. Do not fear about them, they are not dangerous to you. If the colour of the combination modifications, it means you are expecting.

Bleach Powder

One of the best home remedies to confirm a pregnancy involves the use of bleach. The test is really simple. Collect the first urine of the day and add some bleaching powder to it. If you are pregnant, the urine will react with the bleaching powder and start foaming and fizzing.

Pine Sol

Make pine sol, blend various parts of the pine tree collectively like cones, twigs and small needles in a hard plastic container. Urine on the combination and wait for 10 mins. If the coloring of the pine sol alterations then the outcome is positive.

Soap Water Test

Soap Water Test

Latch Test

A woman would area a latch in a bowl and pee on it until finally it was completely over loaded in urine. She would then have the hard process of waiting around for 3 hours to ensure whether she was pregnant or not. After three hours, on eliminating the latch from the container, if a print seemed at the bottom part of the container, the outcome was positive.

Soap Water

Soap water is also another way to confirm your pregnancy. Collect your urine in a small container first thing in the morning. Add it to concentrated soap solution (you can use any soap for the test). If the solution begins to bubble, chances are high you may be pregnant.

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