A Guide to Aerobic Exercise for Women During Pregnancy

Aerobic exercise is good for healthy pregnant women who are receiving prenatal care.

Doing aerobic exercises during pregnancy is a great way to stay fit and healthy through the 9 months and prepare the body for childbirth. Actually, multiple studies have demonstrated that women who kept active throughout the duration of the pregnancy experienced easier childbirth and shorter recovery times after the birth.

For most women, there is some confusion when it comes to the exercises that can be completed throughout the pregnancy. Some women are under the misconception that aerobic exercises should be avoided, when in fact they can be done quite safely.

Bringing a life into our planet is a serious enterprise, and what a woman does during pregnancy may have a significant impact on her baby’s health. Exercising regularly can benefit not just the health of a pregnant woman but also the health of her unborn baby and, when coupled with eating nutritious meals and getting plenty of rest, can help give her and her baby the best chances of the healthy delivery.


Aerobic exercise is any kind of exercise that increases your heart rate and enables you to breathe faster. Walking, swimming, bicycling and aerobics are good aerobic exercises for pregnant women.

Aerobic Exercise Risks

As your pregnancy progresses, your ligaments have a tendency to become looser and more relaxed. Although this might make it seem like you’re more flexible, additionally, it makes it easier to strain a muscle and injure your joints. While you gain weight, your center of gravity can be thrown off, which can make it easier to fall or adopt the wrong posture during all exercise, including aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is usually more challenging during pregnancy because of the extra weight you will be carrying around, so you might need to scale back your exercise routine.

Aerobic Exercise During PregnancyAerobic Exercise Benefits

Along with improving lung, heart and overall health, aerobic exercise offers numerous benefits to pregnant women. Regular exercise can help to eliminate your risk of gestational diabetes, make it easier to sleep, boost your energy and mood and improve muscle health. This may also make labor easier.


Be careful about working up a sweat during your workout, since raising your body temperature above 102.6 degrees Fahrenheit can cause fetal development problems, especially during your first trimester. Shorten your workout on very hot days or move indoors for an air-conditioned space to get your aerobic workout.

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