Effective Ways to Find Obesity Treatment That Works for Your Child

Childhood obesity can be reversed by following some basic habitual changes in the lifestyle of parents and children.

Childhood obesity is rampant among the modern kids. Apart from the uncommon looks it also leads to onset of the diseases like diabetes & high blood pressure in the kids which starts a chain reaction of several other ailments to follow. Therefore a small habit becomes the reason of many complicated problems of life of the kids.

If this is happening with every third child of the society then the complete generation is at the risk of chronic diseases in the near future, which is unacceptable. As a parent, therefore this becomes our moral and social responsibility to adopt some scientific methods to stop this problem to become a menace for the society.

These are th small homely habitual shifts that e can adopt to make our children healthy and good looking.

Nutritious Breakfast

Breakfast in the morning for kids is generally quick as they leave for schools early and have less time to devote on breakfast. But that doesn’t mean that it is full of fats & sugars. The breakfast should be well planned a night before and should comprise of the fiber and protein based diet or the foods that can help the metabolism to start and do its work for the body.

Portion size

Children ate food with bigger portion size as they are always in hurry. Curb this habit by motivating them to eat lesser portion and slow eating as it will help them to digest the food better, thus making them eat less and crave less lesser. You can also include juices of fruits and vegetables with toppings of interesting foods to help sort out this bad habit.

Healthy dip

Children love to play even when they are eating their foods. They used to dip their foods in to everything possible. Encourage this habit to dip in to some foods that are healthy and nutritious rather than them be sugary or fatty substances.


Sugars in the foods are good to taste but they play menace to the bodies in general. Children love to eat sweets and sugars. They want every food item to have sugar in them.  Curb their sugar intake by replacing it with the natural sugary fruits like mango or banana. This sugar in the fruits is in fact helpful to the body and do not pose any harm. Educate the children with the harmful effects that the sweets and processed foods bring to their bodies. Best strategy is to load your dining table with more fruits and less jams.

Cut Back on the Soda

Sodas have the fructose as their primary ingredient. Curb the practice of consuming sodas in your homes and let the children know the health disadvantages of sodas. Replace these sodas with some indegenous home based dairy products like buttermilk or fruit juice. Stop lading your refrigerator with the sugary drinks and sodas as you can’t stop your kids to consume the drinks that you yourself are promoting inside your house. Moreover the presence of soda in fact increase the cravings to consume them frequently.

Effective Ways to Find Obesity Treatment

Effective Ways to Find Obesity Treatment

Exercise together

Just like you are helping them to become good and nutritious food eater,also guide them to be exercise man or woman. Join them in their exercise routine as children like to copy their parents. They are less likely to follow what is being taught while more likely to follow what they see their parents doing. So when ever you are exercising take it for sure that your young one too is building that habit slowly in his or her mind.

Plan meal with kids

Kids do not like to be taught. They love to do what they like to do independently while as parent we try to stop them from doing what they like as we feel that could be harmful habit for them. This is a great contradiction. Same is the case with the meals off the kids. Whatever you want them to eat they are sure to resist and go for the choice of the food that you don’t want them to eat as it is bad for their health. The best way to manage this issue is to sit along with them while you plan your next day meal. They will feel a sense of ownership and they are less likely to put a refusal to anything that they are approving.

Teach Them to build Positive Self-Image

Teach children to develop positive mindset and psychology regarding their bodies and weight issues. For this you need to respect them for what they are and never blame them to be obese and other remarks. This will help them psychologically to understand that they are good and will become better in terms of weight and body. There are thousands of examples when the persons who were overweight in their earlier lives as kids become one of the best body built up people whom people look for ward to consult for.

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  1. I agree fully with the remarks above. Child (or adult) obesity is a recent disease of affluence. Many parents themselves are afflicted by it and are obsessed about the difficulty of losing weight, whereas I believe the solution is quite simple. In the 3rd world, it is rare to see obese people, whether adults or children. The latest ‘fad’ diet is probably not going to help. For some people, their metabolism converts food to weight very easily – it is ‘in their genes’ they say and if so, they have an efficient metabolism, because they don’t need much food to survive – they would be one of the fortunate ones in the ‘hunter gatherer’ days! Limiting intake is only a matter of degree. However it seems most affluent humans don’t have the self dscipline to resist putting excess food of the wrong kind in their mouths.

    As a kid, I grew up in New Zealand during the 2nd world war, when food was scarce and rationed. I remember only 2 kids out of 400 at my primary school who were overweight. One lived on a farm and ate dairy and other foods which were obviously not rationed or at least, were hard to ration by the authorities. The other had no interest in physical activity, but loved eating, particularly fatty fried food. Overweight adults were also a rarity.

    I walk along the streets of Balmain in Sydney, after schools are out and most kids are eating ice creams, or consuming sugary drinks, bought for them by their mothers! When I grew up, the standard of living was much lower, but an ice cream or lemonade was a special treat, bought for me rarely.

    Controlling a child’s obesity starts at home and parents need to set the example and use some old fashioned discipline. This is not always easy, but the ability to achieve it in a way that doesn’t turn children off is an art that parents can work at for a win/win result. Nutritious meals of a modest size, devoid if possible of processed or fast food is a great start. If the meal size is too large, parents should remove the excess and put it out of sight, as most people, including children (and me) can’t resist eating what is put in front of them.

    More and more studies show that exercise, especially a sport that the child enjoys, is complementary to good nutrition and importantly, it helps children’s cognitive development, – they think more clearly, achieve better grades at school and grow into more balanced, self confident and happier adults.

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