Healthy Foods that Can Lower Your High Blood Pressure

If you’re just trying to stop your blood pressure from reaching a dangerous high. As always the key is to consume fresh, non-processed foods.

If you’re just trying to stop your blood pressure from reaching a dangerous high. As always the key is to consume fresh, non-processed foods. Food items which help regulate blood pressure and that are heart-healthy are naturally fiber rich, vitamin C, potassium, folate, calcium and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Eating the right foods is one of the very most powerful ways to lower your blood pressure level naturally. There are super foods so powerful that they’ll not only reduce your blood pressure in 2 weeks, but defend every aspect of your body from disease.


Eating bananas may reduce blood pressure level by 10 percent as it acts as an ACE-inhibitor medication taken for blood pressure level. Eat a whole banana like a snack or add it inside your morning cereal or create a fruit salad with banana among the ingredients. Whatever way you consume it, a medium sized banana will give you 422mg of potassium and 17 percent of the daily recommended value for vitamin C.

Cranberry Juice

Daily glass of the fruit juice can lower blood pressure level. The secret is the abundance of antioxidants based in the berries. Just make sure you drink the unsweetened variety to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels.


It’s not easy crunching up enough carrots to make a difference to your blood pressure, which is why it’s smart to drink them instead. You may consider investing in a juicer to access the good stuff that carrots contain. The majority are aware that carrots are good for your eyes, but they also contain antioxidants and potassium, two major supporters of ordinary blood pressure levels.

Pomegranate Seeds

Eating an amount of pomegranate seeds before exercising might help keep your blood pressure at a healthy level, enabling you to exercise harder and longer. Being an added bonus, this fruit is packed with antioxidants.

Green Beans

Green beans have a direct on your blood pressure level, creating favorable conditions for healthy levels. They do this by helping your body in a minimum of 3 different aspects, due to the Vitamin C content they contain, their fiber content, as well as potassium, which has perhaps the most direct effect. You just can’t go wrong by adding green beans for your plate, just be sure not to smother them in butter.


Although oranges typically get mentioned for their Vitamin C content, the papaya puts it to shame with plenty more per gram than an orange. Add the mix of other minerals and vitamins, including amino acids, and potassium and you’ll be going for a big step towards wrangling in higher than normal blood pressure levels. The potassium content likewise helps the general health of your heart.

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

Hot Cocoa

Eating three tablespoons of cocoa powder a day can lower your blood pressure level by two to three points; flavanols, a substance found in cocoa, help blood flow in your blood vessels. There’s nothing that can compare with a mug of hot cocoa to combat the cold winter months and promote heart health too!


You will find conflicting reports about temporary usefulness of garlic in lowering high blood pressure. However it may work during a period of time by cutting down on the blood lipid levels. So, it really is up to you to use or not to make use of garlic to reduce high blood pressure. Fresh crushed garlic has got the best effect but if you cannot stand the pungent odor of garlic, you can use supplements which come in the form of capsules.

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