Yoga Poses To Increase Your Body’s Flexibility

This exercise helps in increasing flexibility and at the same time improves breathing and other bodily functions.

Yoga can be a challenging art with maximum benefits for the whole family. Yoga poses are great options for you if you want to improve your flexibility. However, some yoga exercises are specifically designed for people that may wish to increase their flexibility. When your body is flexible and mobile, you don’t feel the internal conflicts and tensions of the body. More flexibility implies a far more relaxed body.

Flexibility and Yoga work together. Yoga helps in gaining these abilities with regular practice and discipline. A few of these poses that increase flexibility targets certain tight parts of the body such as the hip, shoulder, arms, legs and others. If you are a beginner there are still simple yoga and fitness that you can do comfortable. Below are some from the basic and simple yoga poses that can be done in order to increase your flexibility.

One-armed Camel

This yoga workout will help you to build up flexibility, and it also relieves cramps. Kneel while keeping your torso straight. Now try moving your right-hand backwards so that you will touch the mat behind you and your right heel. Extend the left arm backward in mid-air as you lower the head backwards. Stay in the position for five breaths after which change the hands.

Eagle Pose

This pose begins with the standard standing position together with your arms and legs in a straight line. Slightly bend the knees while lifting your right leg and hooking it around your left leg. Hook your right foot and ankle around your left leg near your calf. Start entering the seated position and put your right arm over your left arm therefore the elbows line up. Bend your elbows in front of you and cross your wrists before your face. Hold for a minute and switch sides. Repeat so long as you can.

Plow Pose

Start this pose by lying on your back with your arms to your side. Keep the legs straight and lift them full of the air. Keep your palms down while having them along your body. Arch your legs and bring them over your head with your toes touching the mat while using the your hands to push down for momentum. Keep this pose for a minute and release. Repeat when needed. If you are struggling to keep your feet over your head, begin again in the starting position.

Arching Pigeon

If you wish to increase spinal flexibility, arching pigeon is a great yoga workout for you. Sit on your mat while extending your left leg behind you and also keeping the right leg bent. Slowly arch the back bending your head so that you will be facing the ceiling. Both hands should be placed on your hips. Remain in the position for about five or even more breaths. Do the exercise again alternating the legs. This exercise can be quite challenging for beginners, but there is a less painful variation in which you keep your hands on the floor inside your front while leaning forward.

Bow Pose

The Locust Pose is really a back bend pose that’s a flexible yoga poses that concentrates on strengthening the back. Lie face-down with your body straight out just like a surfboard with your arms for your side. With your hands, reach back and grab your ankles keeping the legs close together while bending the knees. Pull back for as long as you can without struggling. If you’re shaking or struggling, release the hold and rest before you can start again. The point is being flexible and strengthen your core, not injure yourself.

Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses

Bound Angle Pose

In case your knees don’t rest easily, use pillows or blocks to support your knees. If your lower back feels compromised or it’s arching, sit on a pillow or blanket to boost your hips. Lean forward keeping the chest as open as you possibly can.

Twisted Chair Pose

The Twisted Chair Pose begins within the standing position with your arms for your side. You will now bend your legs to some position that would look just like you are seated in a chair. Bend in the waist to form a horizontal line together with your spine. Fold your hands right into a praying position with your palms together and twist your waist in one side. Hold that position for any minute and twist to another side and hold that side for any minute. Repeat as needed. This pose is a superb pose for flexibility.

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