Personal Hygiene Tips During Pregnancy – Tips for Better Personal Care

Good hygiene during your pregnancy will help prevent infections, keep you comfortable and make you feel more refreshed.

Personal hygiene has to be meticulous. Apart from the medical care given by the attending doctor, it is best to know certain day-to-day matters which are taken for granted. Your knowledge about personal hygiene and care of the pregnant patient will assist you to make her feel comfortable with her own body and less anxious about the effects of external substances on her behalf developing fetus.

Personal hygiene should always be an important part of your daily routine, when you are pregnant, proper hygiene becomes much more critical. Improper hygiene can lead to infections that may endanger your unborn child.

During pregnancy, every move needs to be careful. Pregnant women for example needs to maintain a lot of hygiene like a small mistake can lead to infections. So, it’s very important to maintain personal hygiene during pregnancy.

Breast Care

Into the 12 weeks of pregnancy your breasts will begin secreting fluid called colostrums. This fluid is going to be consumed by your baby unless the milk within the breasts is completely formed for feeding purposes. The discharge of this fluid will make your breasts damp and itchy constantly. This can be prevented by using padded bra’s that may soak up the fluid. The pads have to be changed at regular intervals with respect to the extent of fluid secretion. Make sure you don’t let your breast become too damp as it might lead to nipple cracks.

Wash hands

Before eating, you must wash the hands properly. Make use of a sanitizer to prevent stomach infections. It is important to clean the vegetables and fruits too. Use clean utensils and try to store the food inside covers.

Vaginal Hygiene

Make sure consider what you clean your vagina with during pregnancy. Numerous lotions, bubble baths, tampons can result in irritation and allergy and since the vagina is in close contact and it is the pathway to your uterus, it might infect the foetus as well.


It is very important to put on washed clothes every day. Cotton is the ideal fabric for pregnant women. Women within their third trimester should especially wear cotton clothes because it easily absorbs any discharge. For example, in third trimester, milk secretion can be done so, cotton clothes are light and dry immediately. Washed clothes are important because they prevent the chances of developing skin irritation and infections.

Tooth Care

During pregnancy, you must give special focus on tooth care. Women can suffer from tooth problems because of increased oestrogen levels be responsible for swelling and sensitivity of the gums. Brush two times a day and maintain dental hygiene.

Personal Hygiene Tips During PregnancyClean Genitals

To prevent genital infections, you must keep the pubic area clean and hair-free. Also wash it with prescribed genital wash to maintain the pH level. Clean the bath tub or bucket every day before bathing to avoid vaginal infections.

Wear Cotton Undergarments

During pregnancy, maintain personal hygiene by putting on cotton undergarments. They are light fabric which dry easily and therefore are comfortable too!

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