Tips For Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is an excellent habit to follow regularly and judiciously in life by everyone to attain health & wealth.

Health is wealth, goes a famous adage. According to the studies in medical science, our body is shedding the dead skin regularly in the form of dead cells that need to be washed regularly. Every part of our body be it hands or face or genital areas or hairs & head needs cleaning and decorating for the better functioning. Otherwise what happens is that the bacteria and viruses accumulate there that leads to development of ailments and diseases, making us ill. We then have to take medical assistance in getting rid of them and becoming well again.

Let’s discuss various personal hygiene habits we should follow in order to lead a quality and prosperous life always.

Washing Hands

This is the most simple & basic  personal hygiene habit we should follow regularly before & after taking food or visiting outside or meeting some disease infected person. We can wash the germs right away if we follow this habit daily and can enjoy good health always.


This is yet another personal hygiene habit that can keep your body as well as the mind fresh and healthy always. After a bath you will feel your body and mind feel lighter and healthier as you dispose off all the waste accumulated in various parts of the body that was making you ill and burdensome. Moreover the cold splash of water or warm bath with soaping clears all the closed pores of the body so that now every part of the body is getting full oxygen molecules and therefore feeling fresh and light. Blood flow and circulation too increases after a bath hence you will look good and smart.

Brush & floss

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

After eating any food item the particles stuck in our teeth and gums. If not removed from the mouth, these produce bacteria and germs which leads to tooth decay. Hence brushing & flossing is the personal hygiene habit that helps you get rid of the waste material accumulated inside the mouth after eating the food and keep your tooth and gums healthy and clean. Make it a practice to brush & floss your mouth twice everyday so that you don’t have to visit your dentist.


Negative thought in mind and stress and strain in the tired muscles of the body too are the impurities which we need to get rid of through sleeping regularly. It is founded out that our heart beats @ 6 beats a minute in the deep sleep condition and naturally this low speed of heart is responsible for the repairing work taking place inside our body and mind of the impaired organs. This is a personal hygiene habit  which is essential for the longer and healthy life span of any individual.

Cleaner surroundings

The surrounding area where you live and work daily also needs to be cleaner and healthier for your good health and better life. Hence clean your house, various furniture and other items kept inside house, your office & its items regularly in order to have good environment surrounding you.

Healthy diet

If you take regularly a balanced diet filled with nutrition of vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantity then you will not need medication throughout your life span. You will be enjoying your life with health and vigor.

Reading habit

Our mind too needs food of thoughts to eat and work properly. Daily Reading is a very good personal hygiene habit that helps us to germinate good thoughts and ideas and remove the weeds from our minds to keep it healthy and work excellently always. It is rightly said “You can judge a person by the books he reads and the friends he keeps”.

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