Learning To Eat With Dentures

Best way to eat with dentures is by gradually weaning yourself onto more and more challenging foods.

Now you have your new set of dentures you need to start getting used to how they feel in your mouth. Dentures made in the modern world feel extremely natural for everyday wear but when it comes to eating you may feel a little disconcerted.

Questioning the ability to eat your favourite foods is surprisingly one of the main reasons why people think twice about consulting their dentists about dentures. However with a little bit of care and a bit of knowledge, you can be right back on your standard menu within weeks. The best way to eat with dentures is by gradually weaning yourself onto more and more challenging foods until you’re back to where you were before the dentures were fitted.

A liquid diet is often the first course of action and soups can be great, but beware not to take on anything that’s too hot. Why not eat healthy soup and incorporate your new dentures into an all-round health kick for a new you? Be aware that you may have a lowered sensation to heat, and holding very hot liquids in your mouth can loosen your denture adhesive.

You may experience some loss of taste in the first few weeks, as your brain signals are concentrating on the process of eating rather than the flavours, but this should disappear as the weeks go by.

You should avoid biting down too hard with your front teeth and you need to take small bites at first until you get used to the overall dynamics of your new dentures. There are also some good tricks in terms of eating on your left side then eating on the right to even out pressure, which will start to become second nature.

Getting the right denture adhesive is also vital to your experience. Products like Polident Strong Hold and Fixodent Control not only fix your dentures in place, it also keeps out those annoying small food particles such as seeds and grains. You can use denture adhesives on both partial dentures and full upper and lower dentures. These kinds of advanced adhesive products can also assist in the fit and feel of your dentures.

You will get used to your dentures and with a little patience and time you’ll really start to regain your confidence, until you’re ultimately much happier than before you had the dentures fitted.

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