Natural Ways To Stop Drinking Alcohol for Live Longer

To stop drinking is quite more than tough. Strong will power might not be enough to quench your addiction. Therefore, it needs a systematic method to quit this unhealthy habit.

Lots of the people struggling with alcohol addiction and trying to find the best way to stop drinking alcohol forget that the desire of drinking is, in lots of cases, caused by some internal imbalances, such as the overgrowth of bad bacteria for example.

Way too often, the traditional wisdom for how to stop drinking is plagued with useless relapse prevention tactics that attempt to pinpoint our problems and triggers in helping us to prevent relapse.


Acorus, kudzu, golden root, passion flower and other such herbs work as good natural cures for alcoholism because they help reduce alcohol dependency. It is recommended to see a qualified nutritionist before adopting any herbal remedies to stop alcohol.

Stay hydrated

Wind, cold, low humidity and exposure to dry, heated air can dry you out. Dry cells are weak cells. Chapped lips, flaky skin, dry cough, nosebleeds, mild headaches and, acne can all be outward signs that your body needs more fluid. Don’t stop drinking your water simply because its cold outside! Consider adding an electrolyte-enhanced drink to your daily regime


Certain vitamins (especially vitamin B) and supplements are highly beneficial in reducing alcohol dependency and dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Sleeping, too, is one of the simplest natural home remedies as it prevents withdrawal symptoms to some extent.

Chewing sugarless gums

Close-up portrait of the teenager girl with freckles and iPod headphone makes bubble of chewing gum on the beach Chewing sugarless gums eating candies, and consuming crunchy foods like apple, carrot, cucumber, salad, etc. is considered being an efficient home remedy for getting rid of alcohol addiction as these items keep the mouth busy. However, do not binge on junk food relentlessly. Restrict smoking as well since it tends to stimulate the urge for alcohol.


Having a glass of water combined with half a glass of celery juice is helpful in suppressing sugar cravings caused by limiting alcohol intake. Therefore, whenever you are making efforts to quit alcohol then make sure you have access for this diluted celery juice two times in a day.

Sunflower seed oil

Sunflower seeds, dates, bananas, carrot juice, apple juice and evening primrose oil are also beneficial in control alcohol cravings. Dates, in particular, can be taken in the form of a combination consisting of five crushed dates included a glass of water. Continue consuming this mix two times in a day for about per month to get rid of alcohol addiction.

Juice diet for ten days

You can start by staying on an increased juice diet for ten days to replace the body’s urge to eat liquids (as alcohol) with healthy juices. Additionally, avoid going to pubs, bars, don’t indulge in social activities involving drinking and keep a strong and consistent determination to stop alcohol. Stay optimistic and energetic.


Grape diet is really a popular method to quit alcohol. It not just helps reduce the addiction but also helps in detoxification of liver. This natural treatment involves a diet in which you are only permitted to eat grapes three times in a day for about 25 days.

Alternative therapies

Alternative therapies like meditation and yoga also serve as highly beneficial natural ways to stop drinking by keeping the mind and body relaxed.


A combination of three areas of thyme root and two parts each of knotgrass tops and wormwood tops is can serve as one of the most valuable herbal home remedies to stop drinking. Adding this mixture in boiling water and drinking it helps within the home treatment of alcohol addiction.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Stop Drinking Alcohol


Having a glass of buttermilk combined with three teaspoons of juice obtained from bitter gourd leaves is another effective natural way assistance to stop drinking alcohol. Take this mixture early in the morning on empty stomach not less than one month. In addition, it helps repair liver damage as well.


Don’t exaggerate it. Your body needs rest. This can be a natural recovery process from the stress of the day. Do your best to get a minimum of 7 hours of un-interrupted rest each night. Studies show that whenever you relax the interleukins (leaders within the immune system response against cold and flu viruses) rise in the blood stream.

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