Protect Your Skin From Aging

Avoid contact with ultraviolet rays of the sun to protect your skin from sun damage

Wanting healthy, youthful skin is natural. It can make a person feel confident and well, and it is an important part of self confidence. It is true that taking care of the inside helps the exterior. I have a strong curiosity about this area and this past year I performed extensive research about them and gave a lecture onto it at an international conference. This information is a summary of the lecture. The skin comes with an important role as the natural barrier between your inside and the rest of the world. It protects against pollution and also the external environment. Skin structure, texture, thickness, density, hydration, colour and performance vary with age, external and internal factors.

Skin deteriorates in the appearance due to intrinsic ageing factors (internal health factors) its keep is an overlay of extrinsic factors (factors you are able to control). Intrinsic factors include exercise, stress, hormonal depletion, medical conditions like diabetes and underactive thyroid, drugs like steroid and lastly, diet and nutrition.

Protect Skin from Aging

You can’t stop aging, however, you can surely protect your skin from premature aging. Many people develop early aging process when they are still young. These symptoms may be treatable very effectively to get a skin that appears healthy and young.

Avoid any connection with sun. Your skin is extremely sensitive towards the harmful ultraviolet sun’s rays. These rays cause cell damage making the skin dry and dry skin gets wrinkles extremely fast. So use good sunscreens if you’re getting exposed to the sun’s rays. It’s better to cover the body areas with cotton clothes if you’re under the sun for a long time.

Moisture is important to maintain that glow in your skin. Always keep your skin moisturized by making use of moisturisers. You need to keep your skin properly moisturised because moisture protects the skin from wrinkles. Oily skin never develops wrinkles, but dry skin is extremely prone to get wrinkles.

Drinking lots of water is another approach to replenish your skin with lost moisture. Water includes a hydrating property. It prevents drying the skin and also maintains its elasticity . It may also help in cleaning from the skin pores.

Protect Your Skin From Aging

Protect Your Skin From Aging

Take anti-oxidants by means of vitamin A, C and E. These anti-oxidants act on toxins that cause major skin damage leading to loosening of skin.

Anti-aging Treatments

The sun and the years place their toll on your skin. Photoaging is truly the first sign that the skin has been damaged, but such repeated exposure may also lead to skin cancer. Luckily, most of the treatments for photoaging not only restore skin’s youthful appearance, additionally they reduce your risk for developing skin cancers and precancers.


If you do not wear a sunscreen every single day, today is the day to begin. Daily application of sunscreen by having an SPF of 15 or higher- whether by itself, or in a moisturizer – will prevent additional harm to your skin. Also, research indicates that daily utilization of sunscreen can actually lessen the existing number of actinic keratoses – abnormal skin eruptions, or precancers, that may lead to skin cancer.


Retinoids have been a breakthrough discovery for that treatment of photoaged skin. Synthetic derivatives of Vitamin A, they are able to improve discoloration from the skin, degeneration of elastic tissue, and fine wrinkling by enhancing naturally occurring manufacture of collagen and elastic fibers. Along with giving skin back its youthful appearance, retinoids can inhibit tumor growth, decrease inflammation, and boost the immune system. Continuing use of retinoids can help to eliminate the number and size actinic keratoses. Currently, two retinoids can be found in the US for treatment of photoaging: tretinoin (2) and tazarotene. Observe that retinoids can irritate the skin and cause dryness and photosensitivity – a serious sensitivity to the sun. They are offered by prescription only.


Lasers are utilized to vaporize the skin’s sun-damaged top layer, leaving a softer, smoother skin surface with less pronounced wrinkles. Using their pinpoint accuracy, lasers are perfect for sensitive skin areas for example around the eyes. The treatment can lead to tenderness, scarring, swelling and redness that can last for weeks while the new skin grows. Darker-skinned individuals may feel permanent loss of pigmentation.

Smiling enables you to Look Younger

Most of us understand the advantages associated with maintaining a contented demeanour, both around the body as well as the mind; but, are you aware that smiling can make you look younger? Research conducted recently has reportedly proved that smiling constitutes a person look younger. The research stated that when people checked out photos of smiling people, they guessed how old they are to be lower in contrast to those photos by which they were frowning or using a neutral expression. Based on researchers, it is the first study, that has established a correlation between age and facial expressions.

How Smiling enables you to Look Younger?

Most of us know that smiling involves using some key muscles from the face. When you smile with the aid of these muscles, they help the face appear more even and toned. Therefore, smiling could be a quick fix solution for smoothening fine lines and wrinkles! When you flash a grin for a photograph, you gaze far younger than your actual age.

Fighting against ageing is gaining increasing momentum each day. We are ready to splurge on age defying cosmetics, Botox implants etc, but, we often neglect the easiest route to sparkling youth: an easy smile! Studies done in the recent past have proved that smiling would indeed cause you to feel more sociable, sincere, attractive and competent. Therefore, it automatically imparts a young glow to your overall personality! Smiling enables you to look younger not only by changing the contours of the face, but also by ringing in positive alterations in your overall self.

Youth can also be about good health. Whenever you smile, your mood changes for that better; you relieve stress easily; your immune system gets to be a boost and elevated blood pressure levels dip. Furthermore, smiling and being happy is assigned to release of serotonin and endorphins that are essential triggers for happiness and positive thinking. It’s also been proven through scientific research that smiling leads to psychological changes that cool off the blood contained in the face. This in turn soothes the nerves and imparts a feeling of youth and happiness. Even though you fake a smile the benefits will be tremendous.

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