Best Hair Care Tips For Men In This Summer

Maintaining great hair can be even more difficult this summer season. The heat of the summer sun can be harsh on your hair. Here are some tips for summer proper hair care.

Hair is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Chemically treated and colored hair can be great to enhance your looks but it needs a lot more care and protection than natural hair to maintain its sheen. Water, sun, even dust and wind can cause serious damage especially if you sport colored hair.

Summer Hair Care Tips for Men

Summer Hair Care Tips for Men

Men are very crazy about their external look. There over all personality will able to get compliment from others when they are well dressed. One of the most important part of men’s personality is hair. Hairs are considered to be as the most important part of our body. We all want to get a shiny, silky and smooth hairs in all the seaosn but in summer season, our hairs look flaky and dull due to the warm atmosphere around us. In summer season, our hairs need extra care and attention to get a desire look.

Summer Hair Care Tips for Men:

Keep Your Hair Clean

Summer means most sweat, and greasy hair is the root of infection, so keeping your hair clean is essential for every men. Not washing your hair results in an increased amount of moisture on the scalp, causing roots to weaken. This further causes itching and irritation, which in turn leads to hair fall. Therefore, regular shampooing is absolutely vital during the summer.

Short Haircut

Short hair is most preferable during the summer season. It accumulates lesser dirt and is much easier to maintain. Plus, you won’t be feeling too hot in the scorching heat.

Beware of Chlorinated Water

Everyone longs to take a dip in the cool, refreshing water of the swimming pool during summer. It is definitely the best way to escape the scorching heat of the sun. But, chlorinated water from swimming pools, etc. can make your hair thin and dry. Don’t spend too much time in the water or use moisturizing hair gel.

Using Shampoo Daily

It is common that you sweat more during summer. Likewise, it is natural that the scalp tends to get dirty during this weather. Make sure that you wash your hair every alternate day. Keeping your hair clean will ensure that your hair and scalp stay healthy and looks great. However, it is recommended for the men to use herbal-based shampoos and conditioners; to protect hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

Hair Conditioners

Use shampoos with moisturizing properties in summers to safeguard the hair from heat. Also, use good hair conditioners that may lock the moisture of hair. Use hair conditioners with protein extracts a hair texture. Most hair conditioners also makes the hair dry, so have a check on this.

Avoid Using A Hair Dryer

Avoid Using A Hair Dryer

Oil Your Hair

Conditioning is important for hair care. However, it is equally important for you to oil your hair during this weather. Oiling thrice a week tends to hydrate the hair from inside out. In order to have a healthy hair, make sure you oil them regularly.

Avoid Using A Hair Dryer

If possible, avoid using a blow dryer. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water from the hair and blot it with a towel. One of the main causes of hair loss is the use of hair dryers. The skin pores of the scalp open up while blow drying due to the heat, which allows dirt to enter the pores and that leads to hair loss. Also, regular use of hair dryers dulls the hair. Styling products that contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals too can spell hair trouble.

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