Home Remedies to Prevent Acne: Everything You Need To Know

Acne is just a skin condition and if taken care properly in its early stages, can be prevented from making it worse. The following simple steps can be a definitive measure for prevention of acne.

Acne is one of the most common skin problems among teens as well as adults. It is just a condition of the skin where the oil glands of the skin are involved. It shows up in different kind of bumps such as blackheads, whiteheads, cysts and pimples. Acne can affect people of all ages but is seen to be quite common in teenagers due to their hormonal changes. We mentioned few important ways to get rid of your acne. Just make sure you note them down somewhere and start implementing.

List Of Home Remedies For Acne:

Home Remedies to Prevent Acne

Home Remedies to Prevent Acne

Lemon Honey Mask

This is one of the best homemade mask to treat acne. Lemon has beaching properties and is an excellent agent to get rid of scars and uneven skin tone. Honey is loaded with anti bacterial properties, and when combined with lemon, can do wonders to your skin. You’ll need 1) half lemon, 2) 1 tablespoon of honey. Squeeze fresh lemon juice in a bowl and add honey to it. Mix them and apply on your clean face. Let the mask sit on your face for 20 minutes before rinsing. Regular use of the mask will lighten old blemish scars and help banishing acne.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can treat acne effectively with visibly quick results. It has soothing, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial goodness. Having an aloe plant in your home is the best option to get access to fresh gel. You’ll need 1) Just enough gel to apply to your face. Scrape the gel from the leaf and apply it directly to your face. Leave it overnight for best results and wash it off in the morning.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can soothe the skin, but its real use is in acidifying the skin so other acne products can work. If you have been trying a skin peel that just doesn’t peel, try blotting a tiny area your face with a clean cotton ball dipped in apple cider vinegar first. Let the vinegar dry, and then try just a dot of your face peel on the skin you have pre-treated with apple cider vinegar. If your skin does not turn red and irritated after 30 minutes, then you can pre-treat the rest of your face and use the product on a wider area of skin. Be sure to rinse your skin well. Acne is not attractive, but neither is running around smelling like a pickle factory.

Honey Turmeric Mask

Turmeric is widely known for its medicinal properties and has been used by women since ages to cure any skin problem. It contains anti inflammatory, anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties. There are numerous ways to use turmeric in skin care routine, using it as a mask is one of the best ways to get most of its benefits. You’ll need 1) 1/2 tablespoon of turmeric, 2) 2 tablespoon of honey. Mix them and apply to your entire face and let it rest on your face for 20 minutes. Wash it off thoroughly to get rid of any yellow tinge on your face.


Tomato is a natural substance that has a very good nutrition for skin care. Tomato is a natural substance and has long been believed to be the ingredient that can eliminate acne and scars. Prepare tomatoes and wash thoroughly, then small slices as needed, and puree. Apply on the acne or acne scars for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water. To get maximum results, do regularly every day

Using cucumber

The most popular ways to treat acne is use cucumber, because cucumber has a cold nature in the skin, helping to reduce red acne inflamed and very effective if you have skin that is sunburned. Water content in cucumber more than 90%, making it suitable to make your skin moist, firm and hydrated naturally. Cucumber is useful to cleanse the skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells, and can tighten pores. Amino acids and minerals in cucumber, can tighten and regenerates skin making it suitable for women. Here is how to make cucumber as natural treatment for acne.

Banana Face Mask

Banana Face Mask

Banana Face Mask

Use the goodness of fresh, ripe bananas to moisturize your skin and make it soft. It is an ideal mask for those suffering from dry skin. You’ll need 1) 1 small banana, 2) 1 tablespoon of honey, 3) 1 tablespoon of yogurt. Mash the banana using a fork and add honey and yogurt to it to make a thick paste. Apply it all over your face and let it sit for 10-20 minutes before rinsing off. Enjoy the soft and moisturized skin.

Papaya Face Mask

Papaya is rich in vitamins A, C and E and is loaded with anti oxidant properties. It can hydrate skin, keep it soft and can remove acne and blemishes as well. You’ll need 1) 1/4 ripe banana, 2) 1 tablespoon of honey, 3) 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Chop the papaya and put it in a blender, add honey and lemon juice to it and mix for few minutes. Apply the mask to your face and rinse after 20 minutes.

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