Natural Home Remedies For Toothache

A person can cure a toothache, regardless of the cause of the pain, by following some very simple toothache home remedies.

Toothaches are very common occurrence in people and may occur without any warning. Toothaches may differ, from mild soreness for an unbearable throbbing pain inside your teeth or around your jaws. In many of the cases toothaches are caused because of some complications of the teeth, just like a dental cavity, an exposed tooth root, a cracked tooth, or some gum ailment.

If you have an extreme painful toothache, it will make your nights sleepless. You could go to the dentist and get medication for that problem, but first, try out some home remedies for a toothache that have been proven helpful. There are many home treatments that are very helpful to get you relief from toothache.

Tea Bags

Wet a tea bag; the tannins contained in tea helps to decrease the discomfort as well as provide some pain relief. It is best to use cold tea bags unless your tooth is responsive to cold.

Wheat Grass Juice

The juice of wheatgrass can be used an effective mouthwash. It helps to extract toxins from the gums and teeth and lessen the bacteria growth and therefore keep infection under control.

Salt Water

This is one of the simplest toothache remedies. Have a glass of water and solve some salt inside it swish this around in your soul mouth. This will give you in regards to a 30 minute breather from the pain.


It is really an old timer’s remedy, rest a clove from the sore area until pain disappears. You can also use a drop or a couple of clove oil or make a thick paste of ground cloves and water or ground cloves and essential olive oil.

Tea Tree Oil

Only a drop or two is going to do the trick. You can also add some to some cotton swab and hold in place or add a few drops of tea tree oil to some small glass of lukewarm to water and swoosh this around.


Use of garlic can also give immense relief from toothache. Garlic has antibiotic along with other medicinal properties that can be extremely effective in slowing down bacterial effects. Mix a crushed garlic herb with some table salt or black salt and put it on directly on the affected tooth to relieve the pain. If you prefer, you can chew a couple of cloves of garlic to get relief.


This really is one of the easiest home remedies for toothaches. Cut and peel a little piece of ginger root. Put the piece over the painful tooth and bite down hard. The pain sensation ought to lessen very quickly. Replace the ginger as needed.

Remedies For Toothache

Remedies For Toothache


Cut a slice or wedge of lime and apply, grip it if you can to release a few of the juice. If you’re sensitive to cold, first bring the lime to room temperature if it was refrigerated.


Proper use of onion can provide relief from a toothache. It’s a natural home remedy for toothache. The bactericidal properties of the onion are quite effective in toothache. Putting a piece of the onion upon the affected tooth or gum is excellent in toothache. Consume a raw onion every day is one of the best natural home remedy for toothache.

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