Natural Treatment For White Spots On Skin

The skin is usually prone to various diseases. White spots on the skin are a common skin problem faced by most of the individuals.

White Spots

White Spots

You may be good to look at but the white spots on skin have robbed you from the nicety. We sometimes notice some kind of white spots on our skin, like some kind of patches and wonder what is wrong, or perhaps is it some deficiency. The truth is they are caused by many factors and numerous people around the world are influenced by it. People are maintaining a distance of your stuff because of the ugly looking spots on the skin. These are actually patches of skin high is a deficiency in the number of cells producing melanin, the skin pigment.

The treatment depends on the cause by which the spots are now being formed on the skin. Many times these spots appear because of hormonal imbalance, congenital disorders, stress or other factors. You will find many ways with which the spots can be treated naturally.


The basil oil is again something which is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent that is amazing for curing. Basil oil if applied on to the affected area can help to cope with the white spots in an effective manner. Otherwise, you may also boil some basil leaves, along with some turmeric and then rinse the affected region with the solution for beneficial results.


Chop a little portion of raw ringer and rub that around the white spots thrice a day; this helps stimulate your skin. Ginger juice is known to help heal white patches naturally. Another remedy using ginger is as simple as mixing ginger juice with red clay in a 1:1 ratio to create a blend. Apply the paste around the spots and patches for 20 minutes, before washing them back with cold water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

With its acidic nature, this home remedy is known to destroy bacteria and fungi that cause the white patches. Mix some with water and wash the impacted areas using this mixture. This will help clean the area keeping it bacteria and fungi free.


A paste of turmeric and Neem leaves serves as an antiseptic for all types of skin problems and skin infections. A mixture of five tea spoons of turmeric powder and 250 millimeters of mustard oil ought to be made into a paste and applied on the affected areas to increase the health of the immune system. This ought to be used two times a day for about a year to get positive results.


This really is another natural remedy for any skin disorder which has been used for hundreds of years. Making a paste of neem and applying it around the affected area can be of great effect for combating the white spots around the skin. Also, you can powder the dried neem leaves and also have it every day, as it is very good for your immune system.


It has anti-fungal properties, which help kill bacteria found on the skin keeping the skin glowing and healthy. Honey is also known to properly absorb within the skin promoting healing.


The fertility boosting property in copper is good for that immune system. Water in a glass or copper vessel or flask ought to be kept overnight at room temperature. By the next morning, the water is going to be infused with copper ions and this will assistance to produce melanin in the body when it is consumed every day. This will help in the production of the pigmentation which may reduce the spots to gain back the standard beauty of the skin.


Cabbage leaves are quite useful to even down the skin tone in vitiligo effected individuals. You can crush some cabbage leaves and apply the juice around the affected areas and leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. You may also boil some cabbage leaves and use the water to clean your face daily. Along with this, you should also boost the cabbage content in your diet because it is very beneficial within the treatment for white patches.

Natural Treatment For White Spots

Natural Treatment For White Spots


Grind walnuts in a blender making it into a coarse powder. Take two teaspoons of the coarse walnut powder and blend it with water. Mix to create a coarse thick paste and apply on the affected areas three to four times a day. Let it rest on the skin for 20 minutes after which wash it off. Repeat this process for about two months to see the difference.

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