Top 7 Easy Home Remedies For Dry And Damaged Hair

Dry damaged hair is a problem for men and women alike. In this article we shall discuss some hair care tips for dry and damaged hair.

Human hair is susceptible to damage from a variety of external and internal factors. Sun exposure, too much heavy styling, poor nutrition, lack of hydration, and similar problems can cause hair to become unhealthy. If men or women notice that their hair feels dry, tough, brittle, or frizzy, they must take steps to address the issue before it becomes worse. Ideally, they should pursue natural remedies and solutions to restore and rejuvenate their hair.

Special hair treatment for dry and damaged hair is needed if the hair is bleached many times and has lost the moisture. Use of a shampoo and conditioner will not suffice the need of a hair treatment for dry and damaged hair. There is a need of something extra, a few hair tips for dry and damaged hair might do the needful. Using these tips persistently will help in improving the hair quality and texture naturally, without any chemical based salon treatment.

Home Remedies for Damaged Hair:

Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

If you are looking for some natural remedies with long term results, then here are some home remedies for you:

Olive Oil and Yoghurt

Both olive oil and yoghurt are supposed to be good to retain the moisture of the hair and make them soft and smooth. Therefore, you can combine the effects of both and make a hair mask for hair treatment of dry and damaged hair at home. To make the mask you will need a bowl of yoghurt. Add two table spoons of olive oil and mix the two. Apply the mixture to each strand of your hair and keep for 30 to 45 minutes. Rinse the hair mask with water first and them use a shampoo. Regular use will make your hair smooth and silky.


Another way to repair and condition your hair naturally is through the use of henna. Henna, when mixed with water, and applied to damaged hair, makes it shiny and healthy. Henna binds to the keratin (a hair protein) by penetrating the hair shaft. Henna is useful in strengthening the cuticles and thickens the hair by making it resistant to breakage. This makes the hair strong when it comes out of the scalp, which repairs the damaged hair.

Coconut Oil

The use of coconut oil is beneficial to fix damaged hair. Massaging your scalp with pure coconut oil will heal the damage that is caused to your hair. Coconut is a rich source of lauric acid, which has a high affinity for hair proteins. This property makes the oil penetrate deep into the hair shaft. The oil prevents the cuticle from becoming damaged and makes the hair look healthy and fresh.

Egg Yolk

The application of egg yolks is beneficial in repairing damaged hair. Massage whisked eggs on your scalp and hair for a few minutes. Then, rinse your hair with cool water and shampoo. Egg is also a great natural conditioner for dry hair. Another way of using egg yolk is by preparing a shampoo with egg yolk as one of the major ingredients. Mix an herbal infusion along with a beaten egg. Massage this mixture onto your scalp. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then rinse it with cold water. This is one of the best home remedies for damaged hair.

Rose water and cream

Moisturizing is best done by milk cream. Therefore, combination of milk cream and rose water is a good hair treatment for dry and damaged hair. This hair pack must be applied and kept for 30 minutes minimum. The cream helps to nourish the dry hair and the rose water tends to bring a glow and shine. Use the pack regularly for better effects.

Coconut oil treatment for dry hair

Coconut oil treatment for dry hair


The shrub hibiscus, also called rosa-sinensis, is excellent for hair growth and the repair of damaged hair. The leaf and the flower of the plant is proven to be exhibiting more potency for hair growth. Hibiscus leaf also possesses anti-greying properties. Applying a paste of the leaves on the scalp and rinsing it with warm water will improve the shine in the hair and also increases the volume of the hair.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been proved to be excellent for skin since time immemorial. There are certain benefits that it provides for healthy hair as well. The gel obtained from a freshly-cut plant has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can be enjoyed when the gel is applied on the hair and scalp. It helps to clear itching, dry scalps, and brittle hair.

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