A Simple Guide To Beginner For Workout Routines

Thousands of guys worldwide have used this routine to gain strength, build muscle or lose weight while training only three times a week.

Workout Routines

Workout Routines

You’re an eternal beginner. Let’s just call this the accelerated beginner’s guide. Within this plan, your first month of training will be demanding, although not so demanding as to cause injury, and progressive in the sense that each week you’ll graduate to different exercises, higher volume, more intensity or all of the above. After four weeks you’ll not just be ready for the next challenge but you’ll have built a substantial amount of quality muscle.

Workout Schedule For Beginners

To begin with, to build your overall body, it is important that we understand where we are starting from. What this means is, measuring yourself or getting yourself measured at the gym. No matter which approach to training and / or exercise program you’re currently following, you don’t have to substitute it for these exercises. Look for a balance between both and find out the desired results quickly. Of course, if you do not workout on a regular basis, it is better to begin under a personal trainer to get the right guidelines for yourself. Keeping this in your mind, we have put together a table on beginner workout routines for men which you’ll easily follow. Also, as you go through, you will see that we have explained how these exercises are performed properly.

Start Slow

The body and mind are terribly homeostatic machines. They constantly search for comfort and consistency, so choosing to make a slew of changes at the same time often leads to failure. Making minor amendments to your daily routine will fl y individually distinct of your conscious thought and be positive habits. In other words, if you start so gradually that you simply barely notice the change, you’ll become more apt to continue it making more changes without them ever seeming daunting.


This workout program requires no equipment. We all do however strongly suggest you purchase a set of light dumbbells. If you don’t get access to dumbbells, then you may use soup cans of equal weight or perhaps a couple water bottles for a replacement. Depending on what surface you’re exercising on, you might want to have a yoga or ab mat readily available for comfort.

Weekly Workout Schedule

Your weekly workout schedule differs depending on your goals: If you wish to lose weight, more emphasis must be put on cardio, as it burns more calories than strength training. If you are happy with your weight and mainly wish to build muscle, the emphasis should be put on strength training.

Train Two Days Per Week

This isn’t asking a great deal, so try to go at the same times every week. Get used to making appointments with yourself and keeping them. However if you simply don’t feel like working out, don’t. Just go to the gym, walk in, and leave if you would like. The important thing is that you establish the habit of smoking of going. At the very least, become your workout clothes when you get there-you can change back out of them and leave right away. Very quickly, you’ll be going to the gym and staying to train, and regular exercise is a part of your life.

A Word About Cardio

A good cardio activity is anything – running, biking, dancing etc. – that will get your pulse to 50 to 75 % of your maximum heart rate, that you can rougly calculate as 220 – your age. If, for instance, you are 40 years old, then your maximum is 180 and your pulse during endurance activities ought to be between 90 to 135 bpm.

Don’t neglect cardio, even if your goal isn’t losing weight. Cardio’s importance for any fit body is as big as those of resistance training.

If you already have a weekly activity that can be considered cardio (tennis, squash, soccer etc.), build the above mentioned plan around it, otherwise decide on the one that fulfills the above criteria and which you’ll enjoy and keep doing.

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