Exercises for Seniors and Benefits

Aging is a natural process that leads to lots of changes in the body. You can see wrinkles show up on your skin and your hair turns gray. Then your muscle mass decreases and also you lose strength in your limbs. Bones get degenerated because of loss of calcium. It leads to loss of weight and stooped posture.

Because these changes occur, your movements, body balance and coordination get affected and also you lose confidence in yourself. You are able to cope up with all these age related problems inside a much better manner and get back your lost confidence with the aid of exercises.

The major public health enemy in people of every age group is lack of exercise, together with poor diet, and this especially pertains to seniors.

Exercises for Seniors

People regardless of their age and health condition can perform exercises. Some suitable exercises receive below:


Among the best things you can do for your knees would be to move them, even when it feels just a little uncomfortable. In a classic Catch 22, insufficient use will make the muscles around the knees gradually become weaker, which makes it even more difficult and painful to maneuver (hence the old saw – utilize it or lose it).

Aerobic Exercises

These exercises increase heartbeat which enables your body to supply adequate quantity of oxygen and nutrients towards the tissues present in various area of the body. Moreover, it burns off extra calories. Walking, swimming, climbing stairs and cycling are few simple aerobic exercises that may be performed by elderly people. Doctors recommend Half an hour of daily aerobic exercises. However, people who cannot do it for Half an hour at a stretch, take small breaks after every Ten minutes while performing them.

Flexibility Exercises

Because the name suggests, these exercises stretch the muscles and enhance their flexibility. Thus, these exercises assistance to get rid of muscle soreness and joint stiffness that are quite common among elderly and promote mobility. Additionally they protect the muscles and also the joints from injury. Yoga, tai chi and Pilates are a few well-known flexibility exercises for seniors. However, those seniors who cannot move themselves or have body balance problems are capable of doing some light stretching exercises located on a chair or bench. Like, frequent lowering and raising of the hands repeatedly or raising feet above the ground and becoming up from the chair without support are a few good stretching exercise that you can do by everybody.

Strength Training

Such exercises works well for improving the strength of the muscle with the aid of repetitive movements. Push-ups and weight lifting are two strength training exercises. Initially, the amount of push ups or the size weights should be kept low. Because the body gets accustomed to it, you can increase them slowly. However, individuals with high blood pressure or such health problems are advised to prevent strength training exercises.

Exercises for Seniors and Benefits

Exercises for Seniors and Benefits

Benefits of Exercises for Seniors

Exercising has an amazing impact on the overall functioning from the body. It improves mobility and adaptability of the body. Additionally, it may alleviate symptoms of various chronic ailments. Some important points on benefits of exercises for seniors are discussed here:

Immune Function

A healthy, strong body fights off infection and sickness easier and more quickly. Instead of sapping energy reserves entirely, recovery from illness ought to be less strenuous.

Improve standard of living

A new study has found that previously sedentary senior citizens who incorporated exercise to their lifestyles not only improved physical function, but experienced psychological benefits too.

Prevent disease

Exercise may delay or prevent many diseases related to aging, such as diabetes, colon cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and others, and could reduce overall death and hospitalization rates.

Increase mental capacity

Research links exercise with slower mental decline. Exercise increases blood circulation to all parts of the body, including your brain, and can promote cell growth there.

Improve healing

Injuries and wounds take more time to heal as people age. Regular exercise by seniors may speed up the wound-healing process up to 25 percent.

Increase balance

This can help prevent falls, a significant cause of broken hips along with other injuries that often result in disability and loss of independence.

Increase life span

Benefits are greater one of the most active persons, but they are also evident the type of who reported moderate activity.

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