Pilates Workout Plan to Stay Healthy

Discussion about programming choices to develop a safe and effective Pilates workout program for a client who has a high hip and short leg.

Pilates Workout

Pilates Workout

This Advanced Pilates Workout should be a challenge, even to those who have solid baseline core strength. In Pilates, we start every exercise in what we call a “neutral spine”. To find this, lie on your back with your legs hip-distance apart. Keep your arms by your sides, palms facing down.

Having a strong core can protect the back from injuries and ailments such as sprains, stiffness, and even bouts of sciatica. Pilates Workout is excellent for gaining core strength and this beginner routine is the perfect way to start building a stronger midsection that will be less prone to injury.

How to do this Beginner’s Pilates Workout

Do each exercise for the set time period or indicated number of repetitions. Do the entire routine at least twice through, but three times through in order to make the most gains in strength, flexibility, and muscle tone.

Swan dive preparations

Lie on your stomach, arms bent, hands on the floor in line with your shoulders, legs hip-width apart. Find your neutral spine. Inhale and draw your shoulder blades towards your spine. Exhale and extend the back of your neck, press into your hands, extend the elbow joint and lift up into full extension. Inhale and pause, lengthening your chest. Exhale and lengthen as you lower. Switch your abs on to support your lower back.

Mermaid with Ball

Sit with the ball at your left side, and bend your left leg in front of you, your right leg behind you. Place your left hand on the ball, elbow slightly bent, and extend your right arm out to your side at shoulder level. Brace your core and roll the ball out to the left as far as you can while reaching your right arm over your head. Hold for two or three seconds, then roll the ball back toward your body and return to the starting position. That’s one rep. Finish all reps, then switch sides and repeat.

Hip rolls

Lie on your back, feet on the ground, hip-width apart, arms long by your sides, palms facing down. Inhale then, on the exhale, slowly roll your pelvis and start lifting your spine, peeling one vertebrae at a time off the ground. Come up to a long diagonal line between your shoulders, hips and knees. Pause at the top and inhale. Exhale and reverse the roll down through the middle and lower back and into a neutral spine. Don’t over-extend your lower back and pop your ribs forward.

Stretch the Knees Series

Kneel on the reformer’s carriage with both hands on the bar. Your knees should be under the hips and the soles of your feet against the shoulder pads. Round your back, contract your abs and push your hips away from the bar. Repeat 10 times or until you’re tired. Next, arch your back so your chest sticks out and shoulder blades retract until fatigued.

Back Arm Rowing

Sit with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor about hip-width apart. Extend your arms straight in front of you, palms up. Your back should be straight, your chest up. Brace your core, curl your tailbone under, and slowly lower your upper body to a 45-degree angle. At the same time, bend your arms to bring your elbows close to your body, closing your hands into fists and pulling them toward your shoulders at eye level. Pause, then reverse the motion to return to start. That’s one rep.

Pilates Workout Plan to Stay Healthy

Pilates Workout Plan to Stay Healthy

Spine twists

Start on all fours with your hands underneath your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Find your neutral spine. Inhale and lift your right arm up to the ceiling, rotating your spine to the right and opening through your chest. Exhale and dive the right arm under your torso (as though you are threading a needle), rotating your spine to the left. Keep your pelvis stable and use your abdominals to support your torso.

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