Best Way To Use Essential Oils For Massage

The use of essential oils in massage is a brilliant way to maximize the healing power from the massage itself.

The use of essential oils in massage is a brilliant way to maximize the healing power from the massage itself. When coupled with essential oils, a massage may have a powerful calming or energizing effect

Essential oils are conchair with moist warm towel for 1-2 hours to allow the oil absorb within the roots. It can help to condition your hair andboost hair growth.You need to use nourishing oil for example almond oil, essential olive oil or jojoba oil as carrier oil for essential oil hentrated scent of various types of herbs, plants and flowers. They are used in perfumes, as flavoring agents in food, in hair and skin care products and also to make herbal supplements. Essential oils are also widely used in Aromatherapy.

Using essential oil for massage is relaxing for mind and body. Essential oil massage is the easy relax and nourish the body, since the oil is definitely absorbed within the blood stream with the skin.

Massage happens to be a part of holistic treatment for various ailments, physical in addition to emotional. Massage is helpful for all age ranges. A new born baby can also be given a normal full body massage to bolster her/his bones and muscles. Massage stimulates blood flow and boosts the flow of one’s in the body. It rejuvenates the machine and fills you track of renewed energy.
You are able to use essential oils for massage effectively and simply in various ways.

How to make use of Essential Oils for Massage?

Use of Essential Oils for Body Massage

Essential oils will not be applied undiluted while using the it for full massage. You are able to apply a base or carrier oil for example olive oil or coconut oil on our bodies and then rub in some drops of the essential oil for easy application. You may also prepare a solution of essential oil and carrier oil in 1:3 ratio after which use it for body massage. While using essential oil for massage, always apply oil in circular motions for quick absorption. Avoid rubbing it too vigorously onto the skin.

Best Way To Use Essential Oils For Massage

Best Way To Use Essential Oils For Massage

The most popular essential oils for body massage are pine essential oil for relaxation, cypress essential oil for any soothing impact on nerves. For any romantic and refreshing feel you need to use rosewood, ylang ylang or jasmine essential oil. To improve your energy and raise the spirits, use lemon, orange, tangerine orgrapefruit essential oil for massage.

For facial massage you can include a few drops of essential oil in your skin lotion or cream and use it for treating different skin problems like acne, wrinkles, pimples or dryness.

Rose and neorli essential oils are great for aging and dried-out skin. Bergamot and lemon essential oils are good for oily skin as well as for treating acne problem.

Use of Essential Oils for Head Massage

Essential oils can be used for head massage as a good remedy for treating pre mature graying, dandruff,hair loss and head lice etc. Essential oils ought to be mixed with base oil and accustomed to massage the scalp. Wrap your

ead massage.

Rosemary and chamomile essential oils are great massage oils to prevent hair loss. Lavender essential oil may be used to deal with the issue of head lice. Tea tree and bergamot essential oils are utilized to treat dandruff.

It is best to store essential oils within an air tight vial in dry, cool and dark area. Use dark color vials for essential oils to avoid exposure to light.

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