Simple Self Massage Techniques That Really Work

There are several self massage techniques that have developed over the years which allow a person to take in the benefits of the same without having to depend on anyone else.

Massage is one of the easiest ways to attain and maintain good health and well-being. Tension headaches, insomnia, pains and aches, tension and stress can all be easily alleviated with our hands. There are many self massage techniques that have developed through the years which allow a person to take in the benefits of the same without needing to depend on anyone else.

What are these techniques and what are the self massage tools which are used in this venture is what we are looking through in the article that follows.

Self Massage

It is simple to learn to massage yourself. Use self-massage to energize yourself before school or operate in the morning, or to unwind at night. You do not need to undress, but you must be comfortable. Use massage oil if you are massaging on bare skin. Sit inside a massage chair or on the floor, or lay down with your knees bent and your feet on the floor.

Soothe sore forearms

Make a fist with left hand, elbow bent and palm facing up. Wrap right-hand around left forearm, thumb on the top. Rotate left forearm to ensure that palm faces the floor, then turn it back up. Continue for 30 seconds, moving right-hand around to focus on tender areas. Repeat on opposite arm.

Tense and Release

This process works for the entire body. Tense the muscles and hold for five seconds then release. This can be accomplished for the buttocks, thighs, eyes, face and hands. This helps release the strain. For difficult to reach areas such as the back, a loofah can be used to stroke the rear as a back massage. This helps in improving blood circulation and is one of the most effective massage techniques.

Rubbing and Kneading

Here’s the way you give a massage – Every morning get your body to leap start into action by rubbing and kneading the whole length and width of the body. Especially concentrate on all the muscles. Start using the lower body and slowly work your in place. Use oil if there is time or else even a basic massage will do. This helps to loosen the muscles and free them for doing things. It also helps to improve blood circulation. It is necessary to handle this routine before and after physical fitness.

Work out back kinks

Sit on a chair with knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and bend forward in the hips. Bend arms behind you, palms facing from you, and make fists. Knead circles into your lower back on each side of your spine. Continue, working your in place, for a minute or more.

Self Massage Techniques

Self Massage Techniques

Hands and Feet

Use a lotion or perhaps an oil and spread some over the feet and legs. Then rub the oil in to the skin with deliberate strokes till it seeps in. interlock the fingers into your toes along with the foot on the heel, move the feet within an anti clockwise and clockwise direction 6-10 times. Pull each toe to produce the tension. Do the same with the hands as well – stroke the length of the hands and then interlocking the fingers move the wrist around. Then clasp the hand in a fist and use the thumb to use circular strokes through the hand and palm. Then pull each finger to produce the built up tension.

Abdomen Self-Massage

This self-massage is fantastic for menstrual pain and pregnancy. Start by stroking clockwise around your abdomen with one hand following a other in a circular motion, using the whole the surface of your hands. Knead all over your abdomen with fingers and thumbs. Then roll onto your side to knead your hips and bottom. Turn onto your back and stroke around your abdomen again.

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