Therapeutic Benefits Of A Full Body Massage

full body massage heals and beautifies the body by releasing health hormones and relaxing the body muscles completely

Health benefits of a full body massage are immense with not only you end up feeling good about yourself after the massage but will also achieve good health by adopting it. Go for the complete rejuvenation by the full body massage. Explore the various health & beauty benefits associated with the full body massage by going through this post.

Blood circulation

Various fluids get trapped in different areas of muscles of the body. The massage will increase blood flow to these areas, releasing toxins and bringing in fresh nutrients that will help your muscles repair themselves and become reenergized. Therapist will be working directly on those tensed areas of the body where the fluid get trapped leading you to relax and ease out reenergized.


Digestive system too get healed with a full body massage as your tensed muscles are now getting free blood circulation while leading you to ease out and relax. With this body condition your digestive system too will respond positively now.

Improved motion

During sports, a full body massage leads you to get relaxed muscles and hence the increased blood circulation leading you to move swiftly and quickly owing to the new energy released in the body.

Miraculous healing

Another thing about body massage is the healing power that comes with touch. Massage therapists know about this and use everything in their tool bag to give you optimum health. Healing power of touch is the best thing that can happen to the health during the full body massage.

Relieve Stress

The whole environment during the full body massage is healing with soft music playing and aroma of lavender or some other popular fragrance in the air. Then the therapist professional touch to your body in this setting repeatedly all over your body stressing on the important joints and stressed areas of the muscle in the body,all lead to unnerve you of all the stresses stored inside the body and the bundles of energy is generated and released with this helping you get unburdened of the stress.

Muscle Relaxation

There is low blood flow in the tense muscles and hence they cannot move effortlessly and swiftly. With full body massage these muscles are now subjected to easy movements. The massage will help increase circulation which will bring more blood and oxygen to the muscles and will also help them get rid of toxins easier.

Radiating glow

Therapeutic Benefits Of A Full Body Massage

Therapeutic Benefits Of A Full Body Massage

Since all the body part is touched and made to relax with various pins and stresses getting out of the body, hence there is a natural glow emancipating from your face and it radiates due to the lively blood flow happening inside various parts of your body.

Remove waste products.

During working, the muscles burn oxygen and glucose and produce lactic acid. This can build up in them and add to muscle soreness. Think of it as sticky honey getting in between the muscle fibres. With full body massage you can easily get rid of this soreness from your body.

Reduce the formation of adhesions.

Through overuse and wear and tear, microscopic tears occur in the muscle fibers. These if not treated will be replaced by inelastic, scar tissue which is very inflexible. Full body massage can work into muscles to reduce their formation.

 Improve muscle tone.

Healthy muscles are in a constant state of contraction and relaxation, invisible and we are unable to feel it. In someone who is inactive, bed ridden or paralyzed, they will have poor or no muscle tone. Massage can improve the tone of the muscles of the inactive.

 Reduce cramps.

Increased flexibility and tone of the muscle and reduction of waste products within the muscle can reduce cramps. Massage the muscle with care during a cramp to reduce the duration of it.

Release of red blood cells from the bone marrow

An indirect result of massage is to cause a release of red blood cells from bone marrow, which can only enhance health and energy as they carry life giving oxygen.

Improves the venous return

Blood has to work against gravity to return from the extremities back to the heart. Whenever possible, particularly on the limbs, we massage towards the heart to assist the return of blood carried in the veins.

Lowers blood pressure

With the reduced heart rate after the full body massage, fewer beats per minute will automatically reduce blood pressure, which is the pressure exerted by the blood on the arteries walls. 

Improves fertility

Relaxation after the full body massage leads to improved love making and release of reproductive hormones thereby increased fertility.

Improved Immunity

Massage stimulates the production of lymphocytes (antibodies) which give us immunity. Also by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, immunity is stimulated.

Reduces swelling

A pooling of lymph due for example to injury or inactivity, can be reduced by careful effleurage towards the lymph nodes.

Psychic and mental healing

Slowing down of the body function by a full body massage lets the body do the repairing and healing task of the body. Also the innervation too leads to relax the body muscles to a great extent.


Stilling of the body and calming the mind make us get to our spiritual side and that leads to heal us psychologically.

Improved endocrine system

Release of oxytocin and endorphins for a high and love feeling leads to developed endocrine system.

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