Drug Abuse Facts For Teenagers

Young people now are being exposed to alcohol and drugs

There is a high likelihood that the teen will be subjected to drugs and alcohol, and based on drug statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse there’s a good chance that your teen will attempt drugs. Teens as young as 13 have often already tried drugs as powerful as cocaine. Teens might tell themselves they’ll only try a drug once, however, many teens find themselves under continual pressure from peers to continue to experiment with drugs and “join the party.”

Most teens don’t begin using drugs expecting to develop a drug abuse problem, and while most teens probably see their drug use like a casual way to have some fun, there are negative effects which are a result of this use and abuse of alcohol along with other drugs. The biggest consequence to casual drug use could be that it develops right into a true addiction. Very few addicts recognize whether they have crossed the line from casual use to addiction.

Most teens do not think that they will become addicted, and just use drugs or alcohol to possess a good time and be a lot more like their friends. When teens become addicted they lose friends, develop health problems, begin to fail in school, experience loss of memory, lose motivation, and alienate their family and friends using their negative behaviors and frequently unpredictable emotional swings.

Preventing Teen Drug Abuse

A time period of many transitions

A primary reason that adolescence could be such a crucial time is the fact that the risk of abusing drugs increases during transitional times – and also the early teen years are among life’s most change-filled moments. For instance, early adolescence is marked through the move from elementary school to junior high school or junior high, while later adolescence includes significant biological changes, the difficulties of high school, increased social interaction, and involvement with new friends and peer groups.

The adolescent years in many cases are the time when many people are first presented with the chance to experiment with alcohol, tobacco, along with other drugs.

Teenagers Drug Addiction

Teenagers Drug Addiction

Because teens’ brains and feeling of self often evolve at slower rates than their health do, individuals who “look like” adults on the exterior are still equipped with more childlike way of dealing with stresses and pressures. These young adults may feel overwhelmed by the difficulties they are facing, and could turn to substance abuse to help ease their anxiety and – based upon their peer group – boost their standing among friends and fellow students.

Compounding this issue is the fact of drugs and alcohol can disrupt brain functions even more, and can delay the standard developmental process. It should come very little surprise, then, that teens who use alcohol along with other drugs are much more likely than their sober peers to demonstrate behavior issues, have physical and health problems, get involved in the juvenile justice system, and perform worse in class

Teens Drug Addiction and Health

The medical consequences of drug addiction

Drug abuse is often accompanied by a number of physical, mental, social, and emotional consequences. Based on the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the health conditions that individuals with a good reputation for drug addiction are at increased chance of suffering from include lung and heart disease; stroke; various cancers; disorders from the throat, larynx, pancreas, stomach, kidney, and cervix; and brain damage.

Drug abuse and mental disorders

Nobody has established a definitive cause-effect relationship between drug abuse and mental disorders, but statistics have consistently demonstrated a powerful association between the two. In some instances, individuals who are afflicted with certain mental disorders might be more likely to experiment with drugs, during other situations it’s the substance abuse that leads to or exacerbates a mental or emotional vulnerability.

Drug abuse’s effects on family and friends

As well as the wide range of personal consequences which have been linked to substance abuse, addiction can take a severe toll around the health and well being of people that love, care about, or are based mostly on an addicted individual.

Teen Drug Abuse and Treatment

The teenager years can be among life’s most confusing times – and for that reason, many young people can become susceptible to the siren song of alcohol along with other drugs.

Many young people view drug use like a relatively harmless, recreational “rite of passage,” however much more dangerous than the others misguided youth want to believe. Among the risks associated with drug abuse by adolescents and teens really are a drop in academic performance, strained relationships with members of the family and friends, the opportunity of developing addiction later, a wide range of negative health consequences, and also the possibility of being arrested and prosecuted.

Drug use migh result from a variety of causes, including curiosity, pressure from peers, and an attempt to numb oneself towards the effects of pressure, stress, or any other emotional pain. Using drugs is definitely cause for concern, but among young people it’s a definite warning sign which should never be ignored. If the alarm is sounded with a parent, teacher, member of the family, or friend, what’s of primary importance is the fact that young people who are using alcohol or any other drugs get professional help as quickly as possible.

Few teens voluntarily seek help for his or her drug use, so it is essential those who care about them remain vigilant for that signs and symptoms that may indicate involvement with alcohol or any other drugs. Parents are obviously within the best position to watch teen behavior, and shouldn’t let complaints using their children stand in the clear way of knowing where they’re, who they are with, and just what they are doing. By keeping close an eye on their teens’ whereabouts and activities, parents is going to be poised to part of as soon as events dictate.

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