Ill Effects of Drug Abuse For Teenagers

Drug abuse of teenagers’ causes and effects both are detrimental to the smooth functioning of the social structure and mankind

According to the national survey on the drug abuse, 80% of the teens start drug use before graduating from colleges. This is a warning sign of our future generation falling prey to the worst menace of society. There is no clear demarcating line when this drug use becomes a drug abuse and starts controlling your life and decisions. Hence this menace needs to be checked early even before it engulfs the victim in the dark depths of the despair and misery. Let us learn about the various causes of the drug use becoming drug abuse and steps that could be taken in order to stop this from spoiling the society.


  • Adolescence is the age of physical and mental transformation with lot of small and big social challenges that the teen had to face when he or she steps outside of the security of their home. Peer pressure, desire to become adult, intent of looking more confident, reduce daily pressure, following media & movies etc. are some of the major reasons why a novice kid resort to the drug use of alcohol, cigarette, marijuana, LSD, heroin etc. without actually knowing its consequences in future.
  • Prescription drugs are those available at our homes and suggested by the physician for eradicating some ailment. They too contain certain amount of sedatives inside them. Using these drugs without consulting your physician for other purposes of getting high out of them is highly dangerous and can lead to serious health and emotional problems to the user and his or her family. Since these drugs are available at cheap price and easily at the medical stores so they are an easy target for such drug abusers.


Ill Effects of Drug Abuse For Teenagers

Ill Effects of Drug Abuse For Teenagers

  • With the drug abuse for a long period of time the victim falls prey to Lung and heart disease; stroke; various cancers; disorders from the throat, larynx, pancreas, stomach, kidney, and cervix; and brain damage.
  • Studies have suggested that the individuals who suffer from the mental disorder or challenges are also exposed to the drug abuse in their lives.
  • Drug abuse leads to the serious social problems with the friends and family members along with other near and dear ones lose the faith in the individual and starts avoiding his company. Hence the social standing and status of the individual suffers a great loss due to the drug abuse habit.
  • Teenagers who drink or use drugs are far more likely to have sex at a younger age with multiple partners as compared to their nondrinking counterparts. Increase in rapes and adolescent pregnancy cases rise with these instances. The social structure is disturbed and society turns towards chaos.
  • Drug abuse in the teens leads to the formation of a future society of handicap generation with low morals, low IQ & reasoning capabilities, increased crime factors like rap, burglary, dacoit etc. for the drugs and overall downfall in the productivity of the society members due to their drug abuse handicap.


  • Psychological counseling or the dug de-addiction services help the teenagers to come out of the habit and lead normal life.
  • Early signs of the drug use should be detected by the parents by keeping a strong vigil on the daily habits and company of their kids lest the y become drug abuse and it becomes all the cure difficult to cure them of this habit. Don’t become emotional as the drug addict lose his sense of right or wrong or morality hence should be strictly treated under the medical supervision without any delay though they need a moral and emotional support from their near dear ones.

Early signs

  • Mood fluctuations
  • Hiding the issues
  • Telling lies
  • Burglary or stealing
  • Decline in the academic scores
  • Falling attendance at the institution
  • Declining health
  • Negligent personal grooming

Drug abuse is a menace and needs to be checked immediately at micro and macro levels both. While as a parent it is our moral and social responsibility and duty to nurture good habits in our kids and make them responsible and able citizen of society, the government too should roll out programs in educating and stopping the illegal selling of the drugs to the adolescents and teenagers.

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