Most Common Causes of Liver Cancer

It's not clear what causes most cases of liver cancer. But in some cases, the cause is known. For instance, chronic infection with certain hepatitis viruses can cause liver cancer.

Liver cancer, also known as hepatic cancer is a cancer which starts within the liver, and not from another organ which eventually migrates towards the liver. The prevalence of this cancer is due to the function the liver plays in our bodies. Because the largest gland in your entire body, your liver accounts for filtering and eliminating toxins, stockpiling vitamins and essential nutrients for energy, generating the necessary proteins for blood clotting, and producing bile for efficient digestion.

Many factors are likely involved in the development of cancer. Because the liver filters blood all parts of the body, cancer cells from elsewhere can lodge within the liver and start to grow. Cancers that come from the gut often spread towards the liver. The ability of the liver to regenerate can also be linked to the development of liver cancers.


This can be a substance that is made by a fungus and could be found in mouldy wheat, groundnuts, corn, nuts, soybeans and peanuts. For liver cancer risk to improve there needs to be long-term exposure. This is much more of a problem in some poor countries compared to industrialized nations.


A higher number of males get liver cancer compared to females. Some experts believe this isn’t due to gender, but to lifestyle characteristics – typically, males tend to smoke and abuse alcohol greater than females.


Smoking increases the risk of liver cancer. Researchers estimate that nearly a quarter of liver cancers in the UK are caused by smoking. In smokers who also provide hepatitis C or hepatitis B virus infection the risk is increased further. Smokers who drink considerable amounts of alcohol may have a risk that’s up to 10 times higher than people that do not smoke or drink.

Ababolic steroids

Used by athletes and weight lifters. These male hormones, if used regularly as well as for long enough can raise the risk of developing liver cancer, as well as some other cancers.


When liver cells are damaged and substituted for scar tissue. People with cirrhosis of the liver have a higher risk of developing liver cancer.


People with diabetes possess a higher risk of liver cancer than people who don’t have diabetes. The higher risk may be due towards the higher levels of insulin in people with diabetes or because of liver damage caused by the diabetes. The risk might be increased more in people who’ve other risk factors such as liver cirrhosis, drinking alcohol in large amounts, and hepatitis infection.

Family history

People whose mother, father, brother, or sister with liver cancer possess a higher risk of developing it themselves, when compared with others.

Liver disease and inherited liver disease

People with hepatitis B or C possess a significantly higher risk of developing liver cancer, when compared with other healthy individuals. Hepatitis C is easily the most common cause of liver cancer in the USA. The Society mentions that some inherited liver diseases may also increase the risk of liver cancer.

Low immunity

People with weakened immune systems, for example those with HIV/AIDS have a risk of liver cancer that’s five times greater than other healthy individuals.

Causes of Liver Cancer

Causes of Liver Cancer

Water wells with arsenic

People who depend on water wells that have arsenic may eventually have a significantly higher risk of developing several conditions or diseases, including liver cancer.


Obesity enhances the risk of developing many cancers, including liver cancer.

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