Sinus Infection Symptoms and Cure

Sinuses are normally filled with air but with the infection in the mucous of the nose they become swollen and lead to persistent cough and cold along with many other varied problems to the infect ant.

Sinuses are normally filled with air but with the infection in the mucous of the nose they become swollen and lead to persistent cough and cold along with many other varied problems to the infect ant. These symptoms are very uncomfortable and painful. If someone has the nasal congestion and cold like symptoms for many days then it is the sign of sinusitis. This article explores the various symptoms experienced during the sinusitis and their medical cure.

Stuffy nose

Though this occurs due to the cold but if it persists for many days then the lining of the sinuses are infected causing the blood to rush to them and make them swell which then lead to nasal congestion.

Yellowish or greenish nasal discharge

Though whitish nasal discharge is the clear sign of the cold but if this discharge is greenish or yellowish in color then it is due to the sinusitis. The discoloration of the nasal discharge results due to the accumulation of white blood cells which shows that your body is fighting the antigens and viruses in order to remove them. It is very similar to the pus that is found in the infected wound.

Pain around the face

Sinus often leads to the pain around the facial area in the cheek bone , forehead, area surrounding the nose etc. this is due to the reason that the nasal holes get blocked due to the sinusitis infection and the mucous also gets trapped inside them and does not drain away. This accumulated mucous then make the face feel heavy and lead to the painful experience. This is often getting worse when the person wth the infection change the place or position or moves the face.

Cough and phlegm

Sinusitis leads t the accumulation of the mucus inside the nasal passages which then makes it way into the throat too leading to the cough and phlegm and discomfort in the throat along with them coming out during the morning and evening. This is done in order to clear the throat and get the comfort.

Bad Breath

Bad breath occurs during the problem of sinusitis due to the mixture of odors of bacteria and mucus at the back of the throat and the sinus. If someone suffers from the cold, headache and pain around the facial area along with the bad breath then it is due to the sinusitis.


Fever is the body’s response to fight the bacterial and viral infections inside it. It shows that there is an infection inside the body and it needs to be treated in order to cure itself.

Loss of sense of taste and smell

Due to the inability of the body to send the signals of taste and smell to the brain due to the accumulation of mucus and phlegm inside the throat and nasal area the infected person cannot taste and smell at all during the sinusitis infection.

Tooth ache

Due to the pressure build up inside the head owing to the sinusitis infection there may be the pain around the tooth area which is also accompanied headaches, nasal congestion, and stuffiness, then you may have a sinus infection.

Treatments of sinusitis

Sinus Infection

Sinus Infection

Steam inhalation

Inhaling the steam of the boiling water by wrapping the towel around your head for 5-10 minutes twice daily can help you to get pain relief and can alternatively take steam bath or wrap a moist warm towel around the head for few minutes daily to produce the same effect.

Nasal wash

Cleaning the nasal passage with the help of the saline warm water can lead to clear the nasal passage and get rid of the infection fast. Gargling with warm water can also help you clear the mucus and bacteria at the back of the throat.

Over the counter medication

Pain relievers and nasal decongestants can be taken form the drug store to relieve symptoms including fever, headaches, and nasal congestion. However, you should follow recommended dosages and avoid using these for more than three days, as side effects may occur. Consult the physician if the problem persists for a longer duration.


Sinusitis symptoms lead to dehydration of the body of its fluids therefore it is always good to consume more fluids like water, lemon juice, apple cider etc to keep the body hydrated.

Herbs and oils

Home remedies using herbs and oils like Oregon grapefruit, oregano, and olive oil are effective for many people. A few drops of olive oil can be rubbed over the painful sinuses to help drain them of mucus. Oregon grapefruit extract may be taken orally while oregano oil may be added in drops to water or juice to relieve symptoms.

Avoid smoking, dry air and alcohol

Avoid smoking cigarettes or tobacco, which irritate the inflamed membranes in your nose and sinuses and make the symptoms worse. Use a humidifier to breathe air at home and at work to increase the moisture in the air passing through the nose and keep the lining of the nose moist and non-dry. Finally, avoid drinking alcoholic drinks that can increase the swelling of the tissue lining the nose and sinuses.

Medical help

Untreated sinus infections can sometimes damage the sinuses and lead to chronic sinusitis. Rarely, other complications may also occur, such as ear infections, loss of vision, or even meningitis (infection of the brain and spinal cord membranes).

If these symptoms persist beyond 10 days (fever, headache, or colored nasal discharge) you may need to seek medical help. The doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics to stop the infection and relieve your symptoms.

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