How to Get Rid of Yeast Infections Naturally

Yeast infection occurs on those parts of our body, where the environment is extremely ideal for the growth of bacteria.

Candidiasis infection commonly called yeast infection is the second most common vaginitis in the usa. It is estimated that nearly 75% of all women are experiencing a yeast infection in their life time.

Yeast infection occurs on those parts of our body, where the environment is extremely ideal for the growth of bacteria. You’ll find hundreds of different treatments designed for this infection, but first from it is very important to examine the symptoms and types of conditions of yeast infection.

A proper vaginal flora has numerous bacteria along with a small number of Candida Albicans cells. A typical friendly bacteria, Lacto bacillus Acidophilus, keeps the growth of yeast cells in check. It is when the balance of those organisms change, and the quantity of yeast cell growth becomes greater than the beneficial bacteria that symptoms will exist in the vaginal tract.

Yeast Infection are something that women often get from time to time. They are not something us women prefer to talk about, but they do often happen. Having a yeast infection could be embarrassing which is why when you get one, you do not really want to go to the doctor. Obviously if you get a lot of yeast infections, you need to go see your doctor as their may be some sort of underlying problem. If you get them every now and then, then you can try one of these natural methods for getting rid of the yeast infection.

Possible Causes of Yeast Infection

  • The sudden overgrowth of the fungi, or yeast occurs because of many factors such as:
  • pH imbalance is regarded as the root cause in most cases. When these levels fluctuate, it instigates the development of the vaginal yeast. A rise in the body temperature causes more moisture to gather in the vaginal tract, that provides a conducive environment for that infection to grow.
  • Not maintaining proper individual hygiene.
  • Due to excessive moisture, and pH imbalance, in times.
  • Fall in the probiotic count within the intestines, and vagina.
  • Because of menopause, and as a result of the thinning from the vaginal walls. This happens when levels of estrogen plummet and fails to provide adequate protection to some woman’s immune system.
  • This infection is another sign high blood sugar, or diabetes and could be found in people who have a higher possibility of developing diabetes.
  • Contracted from one’s sexual partner, because of lack of hygiene, and unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Wearing undergarments that weren’t sun-dried or are still slightly damp. Sunlight kills bacteria, and fungus in wet clothes.
  • Contraceptive pills cause yeast infection. Women must get a proper blood test done, to be able to confirm whether the ingredients from the daily pill, will not adversely affect their own health.

Natural Remedies used to Treat Vaginal Candida Albicans:

Scent Free Soap & Loose Clothes

You need to wash yourself several times each day down there using a scent free soap. Using scented soap can offer further infection. When you’re done scrubbing in that area, make sure you rinse really well. You will want to dry really well. Keep the clothes loose while you possess a yeast infection. Try wearing a set of boxers instead of underwear. If you’re able to go commando, that’s even better. Bacteria grows in dark wet areas, if you wear tight clothes and do not dry very well down there your passing on a place to grow.

Probiotics are Good

Probiotics are a great example of how to control the yeast from inside the system. These microbes are preexistent within the intestines and the vaginal area, they’re useful as they help control the Yeast, from causing infection. This really is another reason why yogurt, milk, along with other unsweetened dairy products help prevent this infection. You can instead have probiotic supplements through doctor’s prescription.

Yeast Infections Naturally

Yeast Infections Naturally


Aside from yogurt being excellent specifically for women’s health, it is also recognized to fight yeast infection. Though, it ought to be applied for 30-45 minutes and then it should be washed off, as it could make you feel uncomfortable, and itchy. Apply yogurt on the tampon and insert. Make yogurt a crucial part of your daily diet. Never apply sweetened yogurt as, sugar instigates the development of yeast.

Apple Cider & Vinegar

Create a solution of half apple cider and half vinegar inside a bowel. Grab a clean white wash cloth and soak it within the mixture. Apply to the effective area and let take several minutes. You can do this many times a day depending on how bad the problem is. The apple cider and vinegar combination will get rid of the bacteria that is growing in that area.


Drinking lots of water will help you eliminate the infection. In order for this to operate, you need to drink above and beyond what you will normally drink. If you drink 8 glass water a day, then you should drink 15 glasses.

Garlic Cloves

Garlic is renowned for its antibacterial, fungal in addition to antiseptic qualities. This is a rather stinky option, but is considered to be a very effective home remedy for candidiasis. You may either insert a single mashed clove directly within the vagina or you could make a paste after which spread it on a tampon. The tampon option seems better, and less tricky.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is yet another excellent herb that works wonders, against fighting candidiasis. Apply this oil topically only if diluted with pure essential olive oil, or unrefined coconut oil. This oil is very potent against fungus and can definitely kill it from the source. This concoction should be applied 3 times a day with 1-2 drops of diluted oil of oregano.

Rosemary Douche

Boil some rosemary inside a bit of water, and then dip a tampon within the liquid. Rosemary can also be used for cleansing the area, for better results.

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