Can Pregnant Women Eat Potatoes?

potatoes do not have quite as many nutrients as other varieties of potatoes, they can still be part of a well-balanced diet.

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial times for a lady. She is at her vulnerable best. Whatever steps one usually takes during such times safe can never be enough.potatoes do not have quite as many nutrients as other varieties of potatoes, they can still be part of a well-balanced diet.  There are so many thing people say you need to eat, don’t eat, do or don’t do. One particular controversy is the mystery overeating potatoes. Should a pregnant woman be eating potatoes?

Increased Nutrient Needs While pregnant

During pregnancy, your need for various nutrients increases. A few of these include vitamin A, vitamin D, e vitamin, vitamin C, the B vitamins, folate, calcium, iron and zinc. These nutrients assistance to grow healthy bones, teeth, blood cells, organs, skin and tissues inside your baby, and to maintain the nutrient level within your body. You also need to get plenty of fiber; constipation is a very common problem for pregnant women and fiber might help relieve it.

Increased Calorie Needs While pregnant

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, you have to eat an additional 300 calories each day during your pregnancy to help you gain a lot of weight and help your child grow. According to the Washington State Potato Commission, a 5 oz potato contains 110 calories. Should you add a dollop of low-fat sour cream or plain yogurt, a bit of fruit and 8 oz glass of skim milk, you’ve got a healthy snack or small meal which contains about 300 calories.

Pregnancy Diet Basics

Your diet plan in the first half of pregnancy should concentrate on high-quality nutrients to assist with fetal development and also to maintain your own well-being. In the other half, quantity becomes important to make sure that your baby grows to a healthy birth weight. However, i am not saying you should eat twice as much food while you would normally. If were a proper weight before becoming pregnant women , you will not need any extra calories inside your first trimester. You can increase your intake by around 300 calories inside your second trimester and by about 450 inside your third trimester.

Potatoes During Pregnancy

Kids main source of energy in the womb is glucose, that is found in carbohydrate foods for example potatoes. The Swiss Association for Nutrition (SAN) recommends 3 to 4 portions of carbohydrates every day while pregnant, which may include potatoes, in addition to bread, rice, pasta, cereal — which should ideally be whole-grain varieties. How big your carbohydrate portions is determined by the stage of your pregnancy and just how physically active you are. The further along you’re, and the more exercise you need to do, the bigger your portions may be — remembering the calorie guidelines put down above.

Pregnant Women Eat Potatoes

Pregnant Women Eat Potatoes

Preparing Potatoes

Lots of people think of potatoes in terms of Fried potatoes and baked potatoes dripping with cheese, so it’s not surprising they aren’t always considered a proper food. This is not the way you should consume potatoes to get the most out of them, while pregnant or at any other time. SAN recommends that you simply limit your consumption of fried, fats to one meal and to a maximum of 2 tsp. of grease or oil a day. Try steaming or baking your potatoes and flavoring all of them with herbs instead of oil, butter or cheese.

Advantages of Potatoes

Potatoes are known as a starchy carbohydrate, meaning they are often eliminated from the body-conscious person’s menu. But they’re actually low in fat and calories while providing an abundant source of dietary fiber and vitamins B-6 and C. They’re also high in folate, which is particularly significant during pregnancy because it reduces the chance of your baby developing brain and spine problems.


To nibble on potatoes with every meal and connect them in a variety of ways; baked, mashed, boiled or broiled, although it is best to avoid the extra fat in french-fried potatoes. You can add them to soups, casseroles and salads. Potatoes will also be mild in flavor and texture, so if you’re nauseous, they don’t have a strong odor or flavor that may make you feel worse. Since they are packed with vitamins and minerals, even if you can only consume a little bit, you are still getting some much-needed nutrients.

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