Top 5 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

As more and more women are getting out of their home to build their career; late marriage and late pregnancy are almost becoming a norm.

As more and more women are getting out of their home to build their career; late marriage and late pregnancy are almost becoming a norm. Couples are fighting with infertility problems due to stressed lifestyle, hormonal imbalance etc. So, when you become pregnant, you make sure that you do everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy delivery after nine months. Here are a few tips for a modern-day woman who is planning for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery:

Prepare Before You Get Pregnant

Preparation for pregnancy should start well in advance. Pregnancy and overweight are not a healthy combination. Keep your weight in check and monitor thyroid imbalance, blood sugar level and blood pressure level. These are ailments which makes conception as well as pregnancy complicated. Tell your doctor that you are planning a pregnancy so that you come to know beforehand if you have any risk factor. And if you are already pregnant, you should consult your gynaecologist regularly so that your health is under check.

Top 5 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Top 5 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Folic Acid, Vitamins and Iron

When you are nurturing a life inside you, you must understand that you need all the nutrients to keep both the lives healthy. Anaemia from Iron deficiency can put the life of a would-be mother at stake. It is not always possible to absorb the sufficient amount from your diet. So, taking iron, vitaminB12 and folic acid supplement with doctor’s recommendation is almost mandatory. It will give you the energy you need to grow a healthy baby in you. Folic acid during the first trimester will help develop your baby’s spinal cord and brain.

Eat Well Eat Right

Pregnancy is the time to stay happy, indulge yourself and listen to your food cravings. At the same time you should not forget to eat right. You’ll feel much more energetic and happy if you follow a nutritious and well balanced diet. Your diet should include fruits, green vegetables and dairy in abundance, protein and whole grains. Try to check on sugar and fat. Green tea, water, plain soda and juice are always welcome. If you have high blood glucose or high blood pressure, you should cut down on sugar and salt at any cost. As most of the pregnant women have morning sickness or vomiting in the beginning, it is recommended that they should eat small and frequent meals to stay fit.

Stay Away From Alcohol and Smoking

These are two fatal things which can put you and your baby’s life at stake. You should stop it while planning for pregnancy. Smoking can initiate miscarriage, premature delivery and infant death syndrome. Even if you deliver a baby, it might have physical or mental defects.

Yoga and Exercise

Staying fit during pregnancy is very important. Mild exercises which include regular walking, swimming and pelvic exercises will not only keep you fit and keep your weight in check but also help you to undergo a safe and comfortable delivery. Your doctor can advise on the kind of exercises that you can do. Yoga and meditation will heal your mind and body. It will keep you flexible, stress free and fresh.

These are just a few guidelines for a healthy pregnancy. The key to healthy pregnancy is to stay happy mentally and physically. Read books, listen to music that you love, talk to your friends and follow your doctor’s advice. And most importantly, involve your partner in it. Nothing can be more satisfying than sharing this experience with the father of your baby.

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