Most Important Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple Daily

Pineapples are not only delicious but nutritious too. There can be many health benefits. Eating nutrient rich fruits is good for overall well-being of human body.

Pineapples are some of the most popular tropical fruits in the world. They are sweet, juicy, and delicious. More importantly, they are very healthy and nutritious. It is no wonder many people who want to have a healthy lifestyle include these fruits in their diets

The health benefits and healing properties of pineapples are astronomical. Being the only known source of the inflammatory enzyme bromelain, pineapple provides unique natural remedies and prevents a plethora of conditions, from cancer and hair loss to colds and fatigue. This fantastic fruit is also an outstanding source of Vitamin C and therefore increases fertility & hair growth, boosts the immune system and replenishes cells throughout the body.

Health Benefits of Pineapples:

Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple

Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple

Cardiovascular Health

The powerful antioxidant properties of pineapple lower levels of free radicals and cholesterol, preventing occurrence of heart diseases. The mineral content in pineapples, which is high in potassium and low in sodium is the best way to cure hypertension and maintain normal blood pressure levels. A cup of pineapple juice is known to contain 1 mg of sodium and 195 mg of potassium. Bromelain in pineapples reduces the viscosity of blood and is known to improve blood circulation and ensure smooth flow of blood in the vessels. Vitamin C also prevents atherosclerosis.

Good for Eyes

Beta carotene and vitamin A are important nutrients for healthy development of eyes. In its absence, people might experience gradual loss of vision and have difficulty in reading and recognizing objects properly. If consumed regularly, Pineapple juice is proven by research to reduce the risk of macular degeneration in old age. The presence of antioxidants also helps to solve eye related problems and maintain good health.

Immune system support

Pineapple contains half of the daily-recommended value of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a primary water-soluble antioxidant that fights cell damage. This makes vitamin C a helpful fighter against problems such as heart disease and joint pain.

Strong Bones

Pineapples are also popular for their ability to build and maintain strong bones. This is because these fruits contain manganese, which is a trace mineral that your body needs to build bones and connective tissues. In fact, if you consume a cup of pineapple, you can already get 73 percent of your total body requirement for manganese.

Fights Cancer

The flesh and juice of pineapple bursts with vitamin C, a strong antioxidant shown to prevent the creation of cancer causing cells known as ‘free radicals.’ Scientific studies recognise the pineapple’s protective and preventative role against prostate and colon cancer in particular, also suggesting that the inflammatory properties of bromelain help reduce the side effects of cancer.

Anti- Inflammatory

Doctors are known to recommend regular consumption of pineapples to patients with arthritis and other diseases that cause swelling of bones and tissues, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The vitamin and mineral content also helps to strengthen bones. In patients suffering from acute bronchitis, the anti-inflammatory properties of pineapple help to reduce the inflammation in bronchial tubes. Pineapples are also recommended in cases of catarrh, where the mucous membranes in cavities or airways become inflamed.

Pineapple that Keep Bones Strong

Pineapple that Keep Bones Strong


Like most fruits, pineapples are a rich source of fiber, but they are special in that they contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. This means that eating a healthy amount of pineapples can protect you from a vast amount of health conditions, including constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, atherosclerosis and blood clotting, as well as blood pressure. Fiber can bulk up stool, which promotes the passage of food through the digestive tract at a normal rate, and also stimulates the release of gastric and digestive juices to help food dissolve. Furthermore, it bulks up loose stool, which helps with diarrhea and IBS. Fiber also strips the blood vessels clean of excess cholesterol and eliminates it from the body, thereby boosting cardiovascular health.

High Blood Pressure

Due to its blood clotting prevention properties and high antioxidants content, pineapple juice might also be helpful to naturally lower high blood pressure.

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