Health Benefits Of Super Foods

Staying hydrated is important, as is keeping your body nourished with life-giving, health-promoting superfoods

Expanding nutritional awareness has taken with it a brand new vocabulary words like ‘neutraceuticals and phytochemicals’.They are compounds present in foods, that have specific health protective and health enhancing effects around the body. Here we are considering them as super foods. These super foods contains substances or compounds our body does not produce itself but become open to us when we eat plants particularly in a fresh, raw state.That’s why the majority of the doctors and dietitians recommended eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Several health enhancing factors are located in common foods, berries, citrus fruits, and grapes to broccoli, cabbage, spinach, carrots, soya bean, onions, garlic and tomatoes. They exist in spices and herbs from red pepper to basil, oregano, parsley and mint. Many phytochemicals are located hidden in the red, yellow, orange, green and blue colors from the vegetable.

Imagine living life without (chronic) unwarranted fear without needing to experience degenerative disease. This isn’t just a silly idea – it’s reality for most people throughout the world. Epidemiological studies prove the longest living (happy) people remain attached to the earth and enjoy whole, natural foods – full of nutrients but low in calories.

Go through the life of your dreams! Eating spirulina, chlorella, goji berries, chaga mushrooms and ashwagandha can balance blood sugars, boost the immune system and help detoxify unwanted poisons in the body. Don’t miss the following NaturalNews Talk Hour for just one of the most informative and inspirational (nutritional) programs of the season.

Superfoods to Help You Stay Healthy

Health Benefits Of Super Foods

Health Benefits Of Super Foods

As numerous areas of the country perspire their way through record-breaking summer heat, staying hydrated is important, as is keeping your body nourished with life-giving, health-promoting superfoods. And also, since warm and hot foods aren’t always desirable during this period of year, here are a few “cool” superfood good ideas , beat the heat and nurture your palate.


Fibrous and mostly made up of water, the cucumber is among the most effective “cooling” foods since it’s juice helps to lower body temperature. Cucumber seeds also contain cucurbitin, an protein, linoleic acid, and various other fatty acids that soothe the body both inwardly and outwardly. Try slicing some cucumbers in the morning, or making a cucumber sandwich for supper – you might be amazed at how healthy you are feeling.


Gently sweet and refreshingly succulent, watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe are some of the most popular summertime melons. Each is composed of roughly 95 % water, and about five percent natural fruit sugar. Melons will also be rich in varying amounts of vital enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and electrolytes, which will make them an ideal food for replenishing water and nutrients lost while sweating on those hot summer days.


A legendary summertime treat, the strawberry is refreshing, nutritious, and delicious. The fruit, that is a member of the rose family, has elevated levels of vitamin C, the trace mineral manganese, antioxidants, as well as other nutrients and enzymes that promote good health. Be sure that you buy pesticide-free or organic strawberries instead of conventional, as the latter are usually among the most toxic with regards to chemical contamination.


You may not necessarily consider them as an ideal summertime treat, but radishes nutrition are in fact an excellent addition to your healthy, summertime diet. A strong cleansing vegetable, the radish is both pungent and sweet, with respect to the variety, and can be eaten raw, or put into salads or gazpachos. You may also throw some radishes right into a pilaf or cucumber salad for any tasty, filling snack that can help stimulate healthy digestion and promote healthy liver and gallbladder function.


Sprouted foods are a reserve of nutrients. Hence we are able to say it that they’re super food. Each biogenic seed is definitely an unopened treasure chest of nutritional energy, fats and carbohydrate, plus vitamins and minerals. However when it is soaked in water remarkable changes start to take place.

Dormant enzymes turn on which results positive nutritional changes. Some important beneficial effects of sprouting is it break down the starches into simple sugars, decrease fatty foods by turning them into free fatty acids. Proteins tend to be more easily available and vitamin C submissions are high in sprouted foods. Most importantly sprouting is a straightforward and effective process and may easily be done around the kitchen window.


Tomatoes are extremely rich in lycopene, one of the powerful plant based antioxidant. It improves mental in addition to physical functioning while reducing the risk of degenerative disease. Lycopene is among the few phytochemicals that is more readily absorbed through the body when tomatoes are eaten cooked rather than raw.

Tomatoes also contain good quantities of glutathione, another potent anti oxidant which will help enhance immune functioning and slows down premature ageing that also helps to prevent macular degeneration.


Many people think of chillies in terms of herbs and spices while overlooking its health aspects. One small green chilli can boost the antioxidant, beta carotene and vitamin C. These two nutrients strengthen immunity and aid in fighting free radicals and therefore protect against heart disease, cancer and early ageing.

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