Natural Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

Bitter guard health benefits - Bitter Gourd juice can be used as a natural treatment in many diseases effectively like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, HIV.

Alternative medicines can differ and they could be available in various ways that can be used to enhance health and treat certain kinds of health problems. Among it is with the utilization of the various kinds of plants that you could plant in your garden. The Bitter Melon Extract or scientifically referred to as mamordica charantia is a fruit from the vine that may be eaten and eager in different ways which could bring lots of health benefits. Although there aren’t any proven therapeutic effects yet, it’s shown some promising breakthrough for many people who have certain kinds of medical condition.

The extract of bitter melon that is commercially made into tea preparations may also benefit individuals with diabetes, hypertension and problem with regards to weight control. It’s somehow shown a contribution within the lowering of blood sugar levels in the blood, reduction in blood pressure to normalcy levels not to mention weight loss for obese individuals. This kind of fruit has got the potential to fight the results of diabetes within the body.

These are the possible benefits that exist from this type of fruit that you could easily grow inside your garden with good climate conditions. However, you have to be careful since the bitter melon seeds are bad for your children. Ensure that you dispose them properly when you get the extracts from the fruit or prepare something for meals. You can get the extract by squeezing rid of it or roll it with salt.

You have to also remember when it has some effects in your insulin administration then attempt to consult it together with your physician. Changes can be created and proper monitoring should be done in your levels of blood sugar so that you will know whether you need to tell your physician about any adjustments with regards to the dose from the insulin you need to administer at times.

Bitter Guard Health Benefits

Bitter Guard Health Benefits

Bitter Melon Health Benefits

Bitter melon or bitter gourd can also be known as Karela in Hindi or balsam pear in English. Bitter melon juice is another powerful natural diuretic helping in loose weight naturally. It’s interesting to notice that bitter melon contains 2 times the beta-carotene of broccoli, 2 times the calcium of spinach, and 2 times the potassium of bananas. Bitter melon juice contains vitamins B1, vitamin B3, ascorbic acid, phosphorus, and is full of dietary fiber and for that reason has been recommended like a natural herbal supplement.

Bitter melon plant has been utilized by many naturopathics all around the world including Ayurvedic medicine doctors of India to deal with different types of ailments. The extract of bitter melon has chemical properties much like those of insulin in certain animals. Routine utilization of bitter gourd supplements works well for reduction of blood sugar levels in diabetics. Bitter melon juice is nice for increasing pancreatic insulin secretion which stimulates cell growth.

Better Melon Medicinal Benefits

Bitter melon has been utilized for centuries in Asian medicine. Its strong bitter taste means you can use it for digestion issues but could worsen other ailments for example ulcers. Besides digestion, bitter melon seemed to be used to treat psoriasis, cancer and diabetes.

The most important health benefit is due to diabetes. Bitter melon can help with blood sugars levels. The guarana plant produces a bovine like insulin that may be injected into diabetics. The studies which have been done show that this plant insulin works much like its bovine counterpart with advantages. It’s important to observe that this benefit range from juice of unripened fruit. Many people are not able to take bovine insulin because of an unfavorable a reaction to it. During these cases, the bitter melon could be given as an alternative.

Also, for those people who are concerned with introducing a pet product to their bodies, this is a great alternative. Vegetarians can use the balsam pear insulin without any worries. Therefore also been studies done that demonstrate benefits to people carrying the HIV virus. The bitter melon can help with negative reactions to HIV medications.

Bitter Melon Juice Health Benefits

Bitter Melon Juice

Health Benefits Of Bitter Gourd Juice –

Blood Purifier: The Bitter gourd juice cure various disorders associated with blood. It effectively cures blood boils, toxemia and may reduce any kind of skin irritation, pus etc. Sipping several drops of bitter gourd juice with lemon and honey can gradually purify blood.


For diseases like cholera and Jaundice, the patients are encouraged to drink atleast 2 teaspoons of larger gourd juice everyday. The concoction is better during the time. Additionally, it may treat various fungal infections like ring worn infection, athletes feet etc.


The juice from the bitter melon includes a natural insulin known as the hypoglycemic compound which could lower the sugar levels in blood. Additionally, it may improve glucose tolerance in blood.

Immunity: the juice kills various micro organisms within the blood and digestive tract and improve stamina . Bitter gourd juice is another powerhouse of energy. The antidote may also bring down the alcohol effect (hangover). It’s also a good detox and repairs all of the internal disorders.

Respiratory Disorders: Going for a few teaspoons of bitter gourd daily will gradually lessen the respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis and pharyngitis.

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