The Importance of Protein Rich Foods For Babies

Protein is necessary in a baby's diet because it supports the health of cells. In this article highlights some protein rich food list for babies that will help you in this regard.

Proteins are very essential for healthy growth of children. Protein is useful for hair, skin, muscle and internal organs of the body. Our body cannot manufacture protein so we have to get it from the food only. Therefore it is very important to take protein rich food in daily diet.

Protein rich food for babies is extremely vital for your little ones, especially in their early years when it is the most crucial period of their development. Thus, in the babyhood years you must make sure that you incorporate enough protein in your baby’s daily food intake. The article highlights some protein rich food list for babies that will help you in this regard:

List of Protein Rich Food For Babies:

Protein Rich Foods For Babies

Protein Rich Foods For Babies


Eggs are considered a complete protein, and egg yolks can be mashed and given to a baby as part of a healthy diet. Egg whites should be avoided until after the first birthday, says Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. If egg allergies are present in the family, care should be taken if introducing eggs by carefully watching for any symptoms of an allergy. Egg yolks mixed into rice or pasta or served with toast provide an easy snack or main course.


Chicken has a milder taste than other meats and is a good source of complete protein that a baby can eat. The chicken should be diced very small to prevent choking. Broiling, baking or grilling chicken are cooking techniques that don’t add unneeded fats and calories to a baby’s diet. Chicken can be tossed with chopped pasta or served plain alongside some steamed vegetables. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recommends chicken cooked at home over the jarred variety because it does not contain any fillers.


This green colored fruit comprises additional nutrients as compared to any other fruit. Among the other fruits avocados have the maximum protein content which makes it one of the best protein food for babies.

Dairy Products

Protein is abundant in dairy foods, such as milk, yogurt and cheese. A baby should be 8 months old before cheese is introduced and dairy should be avoided altogether if an allergy is suspected. Babies under 1 year of age should still be drinking formula or breastmilk, which provides protein. After age 1 he can drink cow’s milk, a good source of complete protein. Yogurt and cheese can be served as a snack or as part of a healthy meal to help meet a baby’s protein requirements for the day.

High Protein Foods

High Protein Foods


Legumes are rich in proteins. Cooking legumes before giving them to your child helps prevent instances of choking. You can make the legumes easy for your baby to swallow by mashing them and liquefying them using a blender. Beans, peas, green grams and peanuts are examples of legumes that provide proteins to your baby.

Infant Cereal

For babies too young to consume chunky solid foods, infant cereal helps meet protein needs. Bright Beginnings says to look for a high protein infant cereal. The cereal is mixed with breastmilk or formula, which helps make it a complete protein. Infant cereal is generally recommended as the first solid food and doesn’t typically pose an allergy concern for most infants. Pureed baby fruits or vegetables stirred into the cereal often makes it more palatable and boosts vitamin and mineral intake.

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