Healthy Vitamins to Boost Your Energy

You require energy to carry on with your daily tasks and this energy is generated in your body cells by combustion of glucose.

Healthy Vitamins

Healthy Vitamins

Understanding what vitamin is good for energy can help you balance your diet to minimize fatigue, lethargy, and general listlessness. Although you can follow different avenues to boost your energy levels, vitamins, consumed through food and supplements, may be among the safest. If you already feel those symptoms, you may have a deficiency in one or more of the essential energy vitamins that help keep your body active.

Most people rely on energy drinks or caffeine to get their jolt of get up and go, but these don’t come without side effects. Drink too much and you’re likely going to feel jittery, irritable and face blood sugar issues that can actually leave you weaker than before you even consumed it.

Vitamin B-12

You may have heard of people getting B-12 shots for energy and wondered why there was all the hype. As it turns out, a large number of the population is potentially deficient in this vitamin (15-40% depending on which study you review), leaving people with lower energy levels, trouble focusing, and other effects like tingling in their fingers and toes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can be found in foods such as almonds, peanuts, pecans, and canola oil. It helps in the digestion and metabolism of certain fats, and it promotes the growth and development of muscle tissue. It also decreases blood clot formations, thus reducing the chance of a heart attack.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 acts as a stimulator and enhances the rate of metabolism, thereby increasing the levels of energy in your body. It also keeps your mind tranquil and satisfied.

Vitamin c

Vitamin C is widely celebrated for its immune boosting functions however Vitamin C is also required for the synthesis of carnitine which is a molecule essential for the transport of fatty acids into themitochondria. It is the mitochondria which convert food sources (such as fats)into energy in the body. Therefore Vitamin C is also indirectly responsible for this process.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 stimulates the production of RBCs or Red Blood Cells in our bodies. These RBCs use iron to carry oxygen from the blood to our body cells. This oxygen is further utilized by mitochondria present in our cells, to burn the fat and carbohydrate molecules and release energy. With increased levels of RBCs, the oxygen supply to the cells increases, and thus, the energy levels also increase.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D not only helps boost your energy levels, but it also gives you strong bones so that you have the strength to live an active lifestyle. After all, what good is a bunch of energy if you’re spending a majority of your time laid up with bone breaks and fractures? To get adequate amounts of vitamin D in your body, you have two options.

Healthy Vitamins to Boost Your Energy

Healthy Vitamins to Boost Your Energy

Other Energy Boosters Of Your Body

You should also include minerals like magnesium and iron in your daily diet, as these are also necessary to improve your energy levels. Try to have a wholesome and balanced diet, so that you get all the vitamins in your body, as every vitamin has a crucial role to play. If you eat a balanced diet and have a proper exercise regime, chances are seldom that you will lack energy.

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