Protein Supplements Side Effects

Protein supplements might be helpful for gaining and looking after muscle, in case your regular diet lacks sufficient protein.

Protein supplements might be helpful for gaining and looking after muscle, in case your regular diet lacks sufficient protein. Used appropriately, protein supplements that don’t contain other performance enhancers have few negative effects. But consuming an excessive amount of protein doesn’t increase muscle tissue or improve performance, and contains potentially serious negative effects.

Our body has always trusted food to remain strong and healthy, thus, we keep a well balanced diet to remain fit. Eating the correct quantity of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, protein along with other enriching supply of energy happens to be an important part of life to stay always on the run. Each of these powers has their specific roles to help keep our bodies healthy and fit.

Although people know already that to be able to stay healthy we always appetite everything in moderation. Even bodybuilders have their own type of diet to maintain the daily exercise they are doing to maintain their fitness. During exercise muscle groups can be damaged because of strenuous and forceful exercise and proteins can repair them. But people mistake themselves of taking more protein supplements than is only needed and for that reason excessive intake of the causes protein supplements negative effects.

What causes protein supplements negative effects?

Protein supplements drawn in excess won’t be used by your body and will be divided further prior to it being sent out from the body and lead to urea. This is not great for the kidney since it will make the kidney continue to work harder and might result in further problems within the renal system. If this protein supplements negative effects happens so on then this will damage the kidney.
Another side-effect will be osteoporosis; this is actually the weakening from the bones from the human body. As proteins aren’t used, they create the blood acidic and also to counter act this acidity, your body will extract calcium in the bones. If again it goes on and on then your bones will end up weak and brittle.

Regulating protein supplements negative effects

Protein Supplements Side Effects

Protein Supplements Side Effects

Not more often than not does protein supplements negative effects happen once the one taking it regularly watches their intake. Another side-effect that could occur is producing an excessive amount of gas. Since proteins supplements are manufactured from protein rich food those are the ones responsible of developing excess gas in intestinal track. You are able to regulate this by reducing the amount of intake, or continue using the same amount because over time it will also diminish.

During exercise when you wish to use protein to assist develop the development of your muscle ensure that you take just the necessary sum of proteins supplements and also at the same time consume the right kind of diet in order that it will not equal to the protein which has already been taken.


The U.S. Fda does not regulate protein supplements as closely as other drugs or food, so data reported regarding negative effects may be more anecdotal than scientific.


Protein supplements usually contain milk, egg or soy proteins. Probably the most reported immediate side-effect is excess gas, though this might diminish with continued use.


The typical active person’s body doesn’t need and cannot use a lot more than 2 gram of protein per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of bodyweight each day for muscle growth and repair. It doesn’t matter if the protein originates from supplements or food.


Concentrated protein from supplements may easily exceed daily requirements. Any protein you consume, either from supplements or natural food, that isn’t used to build and repair muscle, skin along with other body tissues, is transformed into fat.


Your body produces extra urea if this must convert excess protein from supplements into excess fat. This causes blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels to increase, and hydration levels to lower, possibly causing dehydration.


Those who have kidney problems are affected an accelerated lack of kidney function when they consume an excessive amount of protein, either from natural foods or from supplements. Lack of kidney function might be observed, even when total daily protein is really as little as 1.3 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.

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