Top 7 Best Foods You Should Eat for Strong Bones

Bone health is very important to maintain our quality of life. There are a number of foods that can be consumed to help keep bones healthy and strong.

Strong bones are important, especially as we get into old age and want to avoid breaking bones as they can be very tough to heal in the later stages of life. Not to mention having strong bones will increase overall quality of like by increasing strength and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

There are many things to keep bones healthy and strong. Eating healthy foods rich in calcium and vitamin D that keep your bones healthy. Calcium supports your bones, while vitamin D improves calcium absorption and bone growth. But if you don’t eat right than your bones can become weak and even break. Eat the following foods that are good for your health and also make your bones stronger:

Best Food For strong Bones

Best Food For strong Bones

Best Food For strong Bones:

Green vegetables

Green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, cabbage, broccoli and other greens are loaded with calcium. They also supply magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and iron that all promotes the stronger bones. One cup of chopped, cooked turnip greens has about 250 milligrams of calcium. That are good for your health and bones.


Milk is a rich source of nutrients that are essential for maintaining healthy bones, including calcium, vitamin D and phosphorous. A single cup of milk, whether skim, low-fat or whole has 300 milligrams of calcium. People 19-50 ages need to consume 1,000 milligrams calcium per day and those age 50 or over consume 1,200 milligrams per day. Reaching 1,200 milligrams per day would usually require drinking two to three glasses of milk per day. It is good for health and strong bones.

Salmon and Tuna

Not only is it good for your heart, but salmon is also good for your bones! Just three ounces of sockeye salmon contains more than your full daily dose of vitamin D. Tuna is another great source of vitamin D, although it doesn’t contain quite as much as salmon (just about 39 percent of your daily dose).

Protein Foods

As explained earlier, protein is essential for giving bones the flexibility that helps prevent fractures. There is controversy as to whether protein from animal or vegetable sources is better. For quite some time, the popular assumption was that a diet high in animal protein could contribute to osteoporosis. This assumption has been shown to be incorrect.

Some people object to the consumption of animal foods for a variety of reasons. My viewpoint has always been that the choice to be vegetarian or not is a very personal one, and that either can be very healthful as long as the diet is balanced and the foods consumed are fresh, natural, and unrefined and hopefully organic.

Fatty Fish

Vitamin D is important for the strength of your bones and muscles. The nutrient helps your body absorb the calcium that you consume and normalizes the mineralization of your bones, according to the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements. Few foods contain vitamin D naturally, so it is often recommended that a supplement be taken instead. If you prefer to get nutrients from your food, fatty fish is an excellent source of vitamin D. The flesh of salmon, mackerel and tuna are loaded with the vitamin. Fish liver oil is also a good option.

Drinking a milk for healthy bones

Drinking a milk for healthy bones


Eggs are considered by many to be the perfect form of protein, which is important for muscle building. In fact, when compared to more traditional protein sources like beef, you actually need to consume less protein from eggs to get the same benefits for your muscles. This is because they have the highest biological value of all foods, according to ABC News. For an added bonus, make sure you don’t forget the yolks. This part of the egg also provides you with vitamin B12, which helps your body break down fat.


Cheese is made from milk and milk has lots of calcium. It also contain a good amount of protein, vitamin, phosphorous and zinc. The calcium in cheese can help to keep your bones strong. This food is very nutritious and many health benefits.

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