8 Most Effective Yoga Poses to Increase Height

Using yoga as your support to increase height is not only natural, but it is totally safe. Yoga is great for your overall body and mind too. Given below are a few yoga poses to increase height;

Eercise and yoga are the most powerful method to gain height fast and naturally. The exercises and yoga accelerate the metabolism in the body and helps in higher secretion of the fluid of the pituitary gland. Physical exercises develop and make the body muscles strong. You can do some effective yoga poses to increase height fast.

Physical exercises and yoga are help to increase your height as well as the body muscles; yoga is very useful to controlling the body and mind. Yoga has a proven key or method to live healthy from ancient time. It has to be very useful as an alternative medicine for any disease.

Certain Yoga poses are extremely beneficial in gaining extra height. They focus on all body parts from head to feet and aid in increasing the height for those with shorter upper or lower body part. Yoga makes individuals feel better. Given below are a few yoga poses to increase height.

Yoga Poses To Increase Height:

Yoga poses to increase height

Yoga poses to increase height

Easy Pose

This is the centre pose in yoga from where all yoga poses begin. This helps to gain height and tone our back and hips.To do this pose, start by sitting on the floor in a cross legged way with the hands on the knees. Now concentrate on inhaling and exhaling with your back erect. Lower your knees to the groud, hold it, exhale, and relax them. Repeat as often as possible.

Mountain Pose

Another relatively simple pose, this is an ideal way to lengthen the spine and grow taller. Stand straight with your big toes touching each other. Then, gently lift and spread the toes and the balls of your feet so that your weight is balanced evenly on both feet. Without hardening your belly, flex your thighs and lift your knee caps. Then raise your arms above your head. Simultaneously, raise your whole body upwards, elevating yourself to the tips of your toes. Press your shoulder blades back so that you do not have to tighten your belly. Feel the stretch in your whole body and remain in the stretched position for at least 30 to 40 seconds.

Wheel pose

This pose is known as the Wheel Pose. This helps make the body more elastic and flexible. Start off on your back, with bended legs. Bring the legs closer to the hips, and bend the elbows, resting the palms on the head. Raise the body upwards with the spine arched and hold the pose. Exhale and return to first position. Repeat.

Tree pose

It is also called as vrikshaasana. It is similar to mountain posture. In this yoga pose, you have to stand freestyle and it is an ideal posture to lengthen and straighten your spine to increase the height.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

In this yoga poses, you can sit straight with tall your feet, then slowly bend your head and hands down parallel to your legs. Keep this position for 30 second and then comes again on first position. You should do this posture at least 5 times in a day.

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

In this yoga posture first lies down on the belly, hold the feet with hands and make a shape of a bow. This is an effective yoga posture to strengthen your spine with muscles. It also works for accelerate the metabolism activity and increase the hunger.

Revolved Triangle Pose

Revolved Triangle Pose

Revolved Triangle Pose

This is known as the Reverse Triangle Pose. This helps in body balance and gaining height. To do this, stand with legs apart and raise your hands in line with your body. Bend to your right and touch the toes with the left hand while lifting your right hand up straight. Look up and hold this pose. Exhale and return to first position. Repeat with the other side.

Hand to Foot Pose

This asana is known as the Hand to Foot pose .This is relatively easy and is the most effective. Start off with your feet together, standing straight. Bend forward towards the feet and hold that pose while breathing. Exhale and return to first position. Repeat.

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