Ten Foods to Reduce Stress

Reducing stress might be as easy as eating the right foods.

Stress is the number one killer among all the ailments and is the cause of all other health related problems in the human body. A small quantity of stress in our bodies is alright as it increases the productivity and promotes the body’s natural immune system but when it is prolonged and becomes acute it is life threatening too leading to all other ailments in the human body like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc. to name a few.

This is natural to grab a piece of chocolate or cake or any other tasty food item or supplement to reduce the stress and get relaxed but what it does is to add the extra calories to the body. Therefore one should resist the temptation of feeding the body with the unhealthy food and replace it with the foods that are not only healthy but also reduce the stress from the human body.

Blue berries

Blue berries have high fiber content and are rich in vitamin C therefore they can fight against the blood sugar fluctuations effectively to reduce stress.


Oranges help the body to fight against the cumulative effects of the stress due to the presence of vitamin C which helps check the free radicals release due to stress inside the body and repair the body.

Brown rice

All whole grains including the brown rice, oats, and wheat contain vitamin B and fiber in good quantities along with serotonin releasing carbohydrates which do not raise the blood sugar levels.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables like broccoli, kale and other dark green ones contain high quantities of vitamin which help replenish the bodies during the times of stress. Many vegetables also contain potassium, which is good for our nerves and can calm them.

Dried apricots

Dried apricots are rich in magnesium which reduces heart fluctuations brought about by the stress. They are also rich in vitamin C and fiber content.

Sweet potatoes

They are packed full of beta-carotene and other vitamins, and the fiber helps your body to process the carbohydrates in a slow and steady manner.  When you are under the heavy stress condition and your body feel the crave for the carbohydrates then these sweet potatoes can serve you by supplying that  while also controlling the body to absorb it fast.


The monounsaturated fats and potassium in avocados help lower blood pressure which becomes high due to the stress in the body.


Salmon contains the omega-3 fatty acids which protects the body against the heart disease which often results due to the stress conditions in the body.


Apart from being a storehouse of antioxidants, garlic also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which help in balancing blood sugar and aiding detoxification, thus playing a great role in reducing stress.


While almonds are rich in vitamin B and E which strengthen your immune system, others like walnuts help fight blood pressure. Almonds also contain magnesium and zinc which help in relieving stress.


The above mentioned foods are not to be eaten only when one feel stressed inside the body but should be included in the daily diet so that your body is ready to fight the demon of the stress and do not feel burdened to first tolerate it before getting rid of it. These foods not only will reduce the harmful effects of the stress but will also prolong the life span and health of the body if taken in regular quantities.

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