Yoga Poses Can Help You Overcome the Symptoms of Depression

Yoga is an effective natural treatment for acute anxiety disorder and depression.

Yoga is beneficial in many ways and doing yoga for depression is among them. Depression can creep upon a person gradually. Yoga isn’t just an exercise but a form of spiritual practice to improve you physical, mental and spiritual wellness. It doesn’t only refer to twisting and curling your body into different shapes and poses, it involves some specific mudras posed during meditations.

Accordingly, yoga, a style of Eastern cultural activity that has long popular among alternative look for peace of self-training, is believed to suppress depression. Having a familiar approach is known as a mixture of physical and mental recovery, at least some studies believe the various yoga poses can be a “cure” for depression potent. There are many yoga poses that help to relieve tension and improve one’s mood.

Viparita Karani

This really is one of the asanas which can be executed simply with the aid of a wall. Fairly effective in working with depression, this yoga position enhances blood flow towards the brain. You can start by simply laying flat near a wall. Raise your legs so they are at a right angle towards the body. You can take the help of the wall to aid your legs and with practice you may also do this asana without the help of a wall. Attempt to lift up your lower back and hold this position provided you are comfortable.


This is an advanced yoga pose and just recommended once you are well-versed with yoga and also have adequate strength and flexibility in your body. Headstand, because this pose is also known, has a relaxing and calming impact on your body and can help you to channel your energy effectively. You are able to take the help of a wall for support, but it’s best to execute this pose with no support. Place your head firmly on the mat with your hands wrapped around it. Begin by lifting your knees off the floor and extend them high, to ensure that your body is inverted and vertical.


Also referred to as the Locust pose, this yoga posture can assist you to counter anxiety as well as back pain and digestion problems. Beginners may need a little bit of practice to perfect this pose because this position requires your body to be flexible. Lie flat on your stomach with your hands resting on your sides. Raise your chest and legs, to ensure that your body is in a curved position just like a bow. Raise your head so you are looking right ahead. Your body weight shouldn’t be on your arms and they ought to be straight and suspended by your sides.


This asana is fantastic for regulating the thyroid gland which can help to lessen stress as well as anxiety. You can start by lying flat on your back and slowly your knees closer and into your chest. Then deal with legs in upward direction so you feel pressure on your chin and chest. Then inside a fluid motion, raise your hips started while exhaling. You can support your hips with each of your hands. Your body should be vertical and straight and your chin should use your chest. Hold this position provided you can and focus on your breathing. After completing the asana, restore your body to a lying position.

Effective Yoga Pose Overcome Depression

Effective Yoga Pose Overcome Depression


The easiest of asanas, this asana should conclude your yoga practice. Lie down and plant your entire body within the floor totally flat. Close your eyes, attempt to relax and focus on your breathing. This state ought to be observed for 10 minutes and you ought to try to go into meditative state. Ease your body using this asana by rolling on your side and gently appearing out of this state.


This is a simple resting position which can be practiced just about any time when you are feeling stressed and even between asanas. Sit down on your knees so that your hips touch your ankles. Then gently lean forward and continue until your forehead is resting on the ground. Your arms should lie right beside your body with your palms facing upwards. Hold this position so long as you are comfortable and focus on your breathing while doing so.

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