Bikram Yoga Benefits to Lose Weight

Bikram yoga benefits are just what you need when trying to lose weight right.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a form of yoga that is done in a room that has been artificially heated to increase heat and humidity to do yoga in it. Bikram yoga, like other forms of yoga, offers a framework for mind-body exercise to tone muscles, improve balance, change personal outlook and even lose weight. By doing these yoga poses, one can exercise and invigorate all of the body by stimulating its glands, nerves, and organs and by improving circulation of oxygen throughout the body.

Bikram Yoga is one such type of hot yoga. Bikram Yoga, named and patented after Bikram Choudhury, is a popular form of hot yoga. It is done in a studio which is heated to 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit and about 40 to 60 percent humidity. Bikram Yoga consists of 26 postures and two breathing postures, which is done in a series, twice in a 90 minute session.

This form of yoga helps you burn fat and make your muscles lean. All the sweating helps improve your rate of metabolism. While yoga in general is a spiritual practice, it is also a great form of exercise, and can definitely be of great use for weight loss.

26 Bikram Yoga Poses

Before you begin doing the actual Bikram Yoga poses, start by doing the Standing Deep Breathing pose, also called the Pranayama. This will help you expand your lungs, improve detoxification of the organs, and increase mental relaxation as well as blood flow – all of these will prove very useful during your Bikram Yoga workout.

Weight Loss in One Session

After a beginner’s first few classes, water breaks are discouraged, except at designated times in the sequence of poses. This minimizes interruptions to the group’s practice while building an individual’s concentration, discipline and focus. However, this can lead to water and electrolyte loss from sweating in the heated room that needs to be replenished after each class. A small drop in weight before and after a single session indicates water loss rather than true weight loss.

Practice Daily for Best Results

In general, performing at least 300 minutes of aerobic exercise per week can put you on the path toward weight loss. While Bikram yoga doesn’t fit the definition of an aerobic exercise, its rate of burning calories makes it comparable to a moderate aerobic exercise such as walking. As with walking, if you have the time to practice Bikram yoga daily, you’ll exceed the 300-minute guideline for weekly exercise and work toward losing weight.


As with most exercises, Bikram yoga is as challening as you want it to be. Research has shown that Bikram yoga can burn anywhere from 500-1,000 calories per session. However, this is completely dependent on how hard you push yourself. Many fitness classes offer modifications for particular exercises to accomodate varying levels of fitness, and Bikram is no different. For several poses, your instructor will provide you with optional modifications. As a general rule, the longer you hold a pose, the more calories you will burn. Try to hold your poses for as long as the instructor requests.

Feel the Calorie Burn

Your body weight plays a role in determining the number of calories you’ll burn during a daily Bikram yoga class. According to data from HealthStatus, a 135-pound person will burn 429 calories during a 60-minute Bikram yoga class. People who weigh 175 and 215 pounds will burn 556 and 683 calories, respectively. HealthStatus notes Bikram yoga isn’t the fastest type of yoga for calorie burning. Vinyasa yoga burns calories at a slightly faster rate.

Stay Hydrated

Since this class takes place in a room heated to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it is vitally important that you stay hydrated the day before, and the day of the class. This is not only important for weight loss, but also for your overall health – if you don’t drink enough water, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated due to how much you sweat during the class. Drinking enough water also pays off with the number on the scale. If you don’t drink enough, your body will retain fluids and you might then wonder if this type of yoga is really working. Also, staying hydrated rids the body of toxins.

Bikram Yoga Benefits

Bikram Yoga Benefits

Yoga and Diet

Yoga is not just an activity, but also a lifestyle. Beginning a serious practice of Bikram yoga requires mindful alterations to your diet, including preparation for class by hydrating the day before. Choose healthy, high-energy, slow-burning foods like almonds, fresh fruits and whole grains, and cut down on caffeine, processed sugar and fatty foods to achieve sustainable weight loss. Paying attention to how the mind and body interacts with food can offer insight into how the food you eat makes you feel — how certain foods boost energy and enhance well-being.

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