Bikram Yoga: Several Health Benefits You Can Enjoy

The purpose of yoga is to achieve balance between mind, body and soul. Bikram yoga is a more recent phenomenon in the world of yoga.

Bikram yoga is a more recent phenomenon in the world of yoga. Bikram yoga, a discipline that can take its name from it’s founder, is today probably the most popular forms of yoga. Bikram yoga on the other hand is quite a specific and structured discipline which includes all of the key elements of yoga. Bikram yoga breathing is an essential aspect of the practice combined with the 26 postures that constitute bikram yoga asanas.

The purpose of yoga is to achieve balance between mind, body and soul. Bikram Yoga was created by Bikram Choudhury in the early 1970s and it is based on traditional hatha yoga. Bikram claims that his system stimulates, and restores health to, every muscle, joint, and organ from the body, while at the same time increasing circulation to any or all organs in the body. An important part of Bikram Yoga’s detoxifying process is breathing. Here are some health benefits of bikram yoga.

Relieves Arthritis

Many students claim that their arthritis pains are reduced for only a few classes of Bikram Yoga. A combination of the heat and the moving, twisting, stretching and compressing of each and every joint can alleviate arthritis. A regular practice is essential for continued relief.

Help With Back Pain

The Bikram Yoga series is made to work and nourish the spine; it’s helped thousands of people suffering from back pain, stiffness, headaches, scoliosis, herniated disks and various other back issues. Before joining a category it is crucial that you tell your instructor beforehand exactly what type of back pain you suffer from just in case modifications are necessary.

Weight Loss

Bikram yoga improves your digestive system and metabolism. When paired with healthy food habits, this is a great method to lose excess fat from the body. It turns fat into muscle by enhancing the breakdown of glucose and essential fatty acids.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

increases the circulation of blood in your body. It cleans your arteries because the blood rushes through them. If you have high levels of blood pressure, you’ll experience a dip in them when you start practicing Bikram yoga regularly. This type of yoga also strengthens the center muscles.

Balancing The Thyroid

Most of the postures in the Bikram sequence are made to compress and work a thyroid problem, helping to balance out thyroid levels. While you regulate your thyroid you will observe an increase in energy, weight loss along with a more efficient metabolism.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga

Keeps You Forever Young

Yoga keeps the mind and body young, by being a Bikram Devotee, you will be blessed with the radiant Bikram glow, your vision will sparkle, you will radiate with energy as well as your body will become open and versatile. Practicing Bikram regularly, drinking three liters water a day and eating an eating plan rich in wholefoods – this is the best and just anti-aging regime you need.

Reduced Levels Of Stress

Two important Bikram yoga benefits range from the reduction of day-to-day stress and improved emotional well-being. Because this fitness routine relaxes your body, it lowers the levels from the cortisol hormone, which is known to create stress. Bikram yoga helps you focus better, increases mental clarity, improves discipline, and brings contentment.

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