The Most Effective Pregnancy Yoga Poses

Pregnancy is often accompanied by back pain due to the disturbance of balance in the body. Here are some pregnancy yoga poses to reduce back pain.

One of the most common complaints of expectant moms is nagging back pain. Carrying around all that extra weight in your belly forces your spine to curve, putting pressure on your lower back. Pregnancy is often accompanied by back pain due to the disturbance of balance in the body. The first and foremost way to get back pain relief during pregnancy is to practice correct yoga posture.

Restorative yoga can offer great benefits during pregnancy; yoga poses for lower back pain are particularly helpful. Yoga is really much more than a useful and gentle method to exercise in pregnancy – it can be extremely helpful for easing tension and stiffness inside your back, neck and shoulders and helping you to relax. Get some relief with this particular yoga sequence. Here are some pregnancy yoga poses to reduce back pain.

Child’s Pose

A great posture for lower back pain or even just to unwind for a few minutes. From all fours, sink down on your heels. Use a pillow or folded blanket behind your buttocks to make this more comfortable. Open the knees to accommodate your belly, and fold forward, resting your arms and head before you. You can use a pillow under your head. Sink into the floor and breathe deeply, so if you’re content, hold Child’s Pose for some minutes.

Cobbler’s Pose

This posture opens the hips and relieves pressure on the lower spine. Draw your legs together in the bottoms of the feet. Place folded blankets or blocks under each knee. If you’re able to, gently hold each ankle. Straighten the back and inhale, letting your shoulders fall from the ears. Exhale deeply. Still sit quietly for a few minutes following natural breath rhythm.

Eagle Pose

Inside a kneeling position cross your arms in the elbows with your left arm within the right. Wrap your forearms around one another to bring your palms together, fingers pointed for the ceiling. Raise your elbows slightly, lengthen your lower back downwards, widening the space between your shoulder blades. Breathe deeply, feel your spine lengthen. Uncross your arms and repeat on the other side

Cow Pose

Cow position is one of the best pregnancy yoga poses for stretching your spine and strengthening the muscles around it, in addition to strengthening your pelvic floor. If you discover your baby has lodged herself into an unpleasant position, cat pose and pelvic rocking might help move her into a much more comfortable position.

Wide Forward Fold

A large legged forward fold helps to ease tension using your back, neck, joints, and shoulders. It is a great prenatal yoga pose for improving breathing and circulation, as well as decreases your blood pressure.

Pregnancy Yoga Poses

Pregnancy Yoga Poses

Sitting Side Stretch

Around week 30, you might look down in terror while you try to figure out where 10 more weeks of growth are meant to go. The sitting side stretch will open your side waist and pelvis and stretch the hips. As our bellies get bigger, it’s important to find as much space inside your torso as possible.

Pigeon Pose

This hip-opener targets one hip at any given time. From Butterfly, step your left leg back behind you. Keep the right knee bent, pulling your right heel in toward your pelvis, coming into Pigeon. Keep your torso lifted or fold forward over your right leg. Stay such as this, breathing for five deep breaths. Repeat this on the left side.

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