Health Benefits of Prenatal Yoga During Pregnancy

Prenatal yoga will build strength your body ready for pregnancy and will also help with the mental and spiritual benefits.

Yoga is a mind and body workout that gives health benefits through relaxation, strength-building, balance, meditation, and breathing techniques. Women nowadays are well aware of the benefits of pre-natal yoga and therefore many women who are pregnant are wanting to learn yoga for the better health of the child and also for themselves. Most significantly, the practice of prenatal yoga helps women for common problems that arise while pregnant like back pain, leg-cramps, insomnia, etc.

Regular exercise is beneficial during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is a good option for a low impact exercise that gives several benefits that are both both mental and physical. Prenatal yoga is good for you and good for your child. Pregnancy yoga helps keep the would-be-mom fit during and post-pregnancy. Start anytime while pregnant is definitely worthwhile. Here are some health benefits of prenatal yoga for pregnant women:

Yoga Builds Strength

Among the best things about yoga is it enables you to stronger all over. You’ll need that strength inside your lower body to carry the additional pregnancy weight and compensate for changes in balance. And you’ll require it in your upper body to handle the weight you’ll be carrying around for the year or so after birth… your child.

Back Pain

Most of the pregnant women face this problem because the weight of uterus gets increased due to the baby inside. Thus it is essential that pregnant women have strong muscles so they are able to handle this weight. Practice of prenatal yoga works well for strengthening the muscles that props up baby’s weight thus helping in reducing the pressure on the lower back.

Yoga Encourages Confidence

Unfamiliar feelings and uncomfortable negative effects often result in a general feeling of unease with your body during pregnancy. Seeing the strength of your own body in a room filled with other powerful pregnant women can be great positive reinforcement. As well as your yoga instructor’s words of wisdom might help remind you of yourinner strength.


Prenatal yoga exercises include breathing exercises that really help pregnant women to stay calm and relaxed thus promoting the flow of oxygen. Prenatal yoga is ideal for pain management during labor and child birth as it involves breath control exercises for pregnant women which are very helpful in relieving them from stress.

Relieves Anxiety

Yoga teaches individuals to breathe and use meditation techniques to relax and calm both body and mind. This is great for pregnant women worrying about their pregnancy, the labor and delivery, whether they’ll be good mothers, etc. Less anxiety is also beneficial for the baby’s health.


Pregnant women don’t feel comfortable because of the increase in their weight and due to changes in the shape of the body. Prenatal yoga which includes balancing asanas is useful for women during pregnancy. Balancing asanas including half-moon pose and the tree pose might help women in getting comfortable with the modification in their shape and also the alternation in their center of gravity. These poses also help ladies who are pregnant to have better muscle strength.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Connect With Baby

Prenatal yoga provides an opportunity to slow down and connect deeply with your body as well as your baby. By working with the breath and movement, you create a deeper awareness of what is happening within your body.

Helps Diminish Swelling and Joint Inflammation

Swelling and inflammation is brought on by water retention and decreased circulation. Since yoga helps promote circulation, it’s effective at preventing and reducing swelling. This cuts down on the common swelling of the ankles, hands and feet.

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