How to Prepare for Bikram Yoga Class

We are so happy you have decided to join us! Bikram Yoga is a formula that works. With a regular practice it is inevitable that your life will change in posit.

Anyone who has heard of Bikram yoga is aware that it’s practiced in very high temperatures. Therefore, one has to become well prepared for each of the classes. This write-up is split into three sections, the steps to consider before going for Bikram yoga are split into three phases. In other words, the measures to become taken before one applies to the sessions, measures to become taken during the class and after the class. Each of the measures to become taken, have an important role to experience, so that you are able to derive the very best from each of the Bikram yoga sessions.

If regular yoga just isn’t hardcore enough for you personally, check into Bikram yoga. In a room that’s heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, participants move through a series of 26 poses in 90 minutes using the goal of helping toxins sweat out of your body. Heat can be a shock to your body, so prepare ahead of time to make sure the class goes as smoothly as you possibly can.


Please come early, try Twenty minutes. It promotes a more slow paced life as you register and orient yourself. We attempt to stay on time so that you can plan your schedule. Each class is 90 minutes.


Drink lots of water throughout your day, before and after class. Good hydration props up healthy function of all your body’s systems. The Institute of drugs sets general guidelines for total water intake. It recommends that women consume as many as 91 ounces (that’s about 2.7 liters) per day. For men, it comes down to 125 ounces a day (or 3.7 liters). Physical activity in heat increases water losses and raise daily fluid needs. Attempt to come to class fully hydrated. You will be surprised the difference it makes.

What to Wear

The room is hot and you will sweat a lot! It is best to wear clothes designed for this type of environment, avoiding cotton or fabrics that become heavy when wet. Wear minimal amount of clothing you are comfortable in. Clothes that provide a snug fit are best because they allow for optimal movement whilst maintaining coverage.

Get a yoga mat

You will sweat profusely during your Bikram yoga class; bring your own mat to prevent slipping on the floor as well as a towel to wipe the sweat off your body.

Bikram Yoga Class

Bikram Yoga Class


Take your 2nd class within 24 hours. The second class is the equivalent of 3-4 classes, and you’ll bypass much of the soreness you’d experience otherwise. This practice works cumulatively; the greater frequently you practice the faster you’ll improve and also the greater the benefits.


It’s helpful to understand that other students focus on themselves in class. They’re working way too hard to even notice you. No judgments. Try to your edge, but listen to your body. If you want to, take a break. Stand out a posture or take a seat on your mat. Approach each posture towards the best of your ability and you’ll receive 100% of the benefits. Speak with us if you have questions, we’re always here to assist.

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