Try These Yoga Poses To Boost Your Mood

Yoga is definitely an ancient practice that benefits both mind and body. This yoga pose can be practiced anywhere, and at anytime of day.

Yoga provides a great outlet for toning and energizing also it can also boost your mood because it also relieves tension, increases your flexibility. Yoga is definitely an ancient practice that benefits both mind and body. Yoga practitioners know that yoga alleviates stress, increases mood and boosts happiness. Yoga allows you to be aware of the present moment and accept it as being it is.

If you perform yoga regularly, 3 to 4 times a week, you will discover that the moods will lift and remain lifted longer and longer. These yoga poses can help you change your body’s chemistry and make you feel good. These poses require balance, strength, stability plus some flexibility. Here are some great yoga poses to obtain your mood lifted.

Camel Pose

This pose is really a lovely back bend that also has a subtle interplay together with your balance. You have to find the balance between your inner strength and the fluidity and vulnerability of arching backwards and opening your heart and chest. This pose creates plenty of energy and will help release physical and mental tension that opens you right up.


This pose increases leg, back, and arm strength. Waiting for the top of your mat, step your right foot back about 4 feet and switch it 90 degrees right. Turn your left foot slightly in. Adjust your torso so it faces to your right, inhale, and raise your arms out, neck wide, palms down. Exhale, bending your left knee until your thigh is parallel for the mat.

Child’s Pose

Drop the knees to the floor and lower to child’s pose. Take 10 deep breaths, filling the rear of your body with your breath. Roll-up to a sitting position in your heels, which is thunderbolt pose, then drop your hips left, extend legs straight in front of you, and roll down on your back.

Forward Bend

This pose stretches the rear and hamstrings. Standing tall together with your feet hip-width apart, inhale and sweep your arms overhead. While you exhale, lift your tailbone and begin to bend forward out of your hips, sweeping your arms as you go down. Keep your spine long and straight while you move, bending at the knees if necessary. To return to standing, curl up slowly, one vertebra at any given time.

Boat Pose

This pose builds core strength and fosters heat in the body. Start seated legs together, knees bent, feet planted on the floor. Holding the back of your thighs, rock your weight back therefore it rests between your sitting bones. Raise your feet, knees still bent, keeping the back drawn inward. Inhale and extend your legs. Overlook the back of your legs, and extend your arms out parallel for the floor.

Triangle Pose

Stand together with your feet about four feet apart, together with your right foot pointing to the right and left toes turned slightly inwards. Bend right as you exhale and place your right-hand on your shin, left arm reaching towards the sky. Feel your legs, hips and spine stretching and opening.

Bridge Pose

Lie lying on your back with your arms next to your hips. Put your feet flat on the floor, with a full, strong inhalation, first raise your hips upwards and then raise your spine. Feel the support of the legs and deep hip muscles while you hold the pose for a few breaths. Stay for 3 or four breaths and slowly fall, lengthening your spine across the floor.

Boost Your Mood

Boost Your Mood

Standing Forward Bend

Stand tall together with your feet spaced slightly apart. Hold your elbows and bend forward out of your hip joints, elongating your torso for the earth, evenly from your lumbar spine towards the crown of your head. In the future up, place your hands on your hips and raise your spine.

Mountain Pose

This yoga pose could be practiced anywhere, and at anytime of day. Stand tall, lift up your arms up overhead, and take several powerful deep breaths. The new oxygen that will be coursing through your veins will refresh your mind. Standing in this pose energizes your core, your arms, as well as your legs, so take advantage of it whenever feasible.

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