Why Bikram yoga is controversial

Bikaram insists on going beyond the limits of the body to achieve health and fitness

Bikaram yoga is s a set of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, practiced in a room heated to 105 degree Faherenite with humidity of 40% and is the most popular form of the hot yoga. Bikaram insists on going beyond the limits of the body to achieve health and fitness. There is always a Bikram yoga world of controverises surrounding it and the name of Bikaram is so synonymous with the yoga, that people don’t believe that this man is alive in this world and is a yoga teacher. He is a cult figure there.


Biakaram yoga is very much popular among the celebrities with the likes of John Mcnroe, Bill Clinton, Lady gaga, and many other famous personalities take swear in its name for their real transformation and their success in their chosen fields. In this article we will discuss the bikaram yoga‘s share of threats and perception of people about it.


According to Patanjali, Asana is a position of body and mind which is steady and comfortable. A body posture is comfortable when it is attained in natural environmental conditions.

Bikaram Yoga World of Controversies

Many medical experts all over the world have raised concern over the excess strain exerted on muscles in Hot environment (temperatures about 105 deg. F). In this environment there is always a danger of muscle or ligament stretched beyond biological limit and may get damaged. Life is difficult when the temperatures are high in any area, then why to create a heated environment for performing exercises for them.

Bikaram Yoga World of Controversies

Bikaram Yoga World of Controversies

Going Beyond limits

There are many instances of patients suffering from some severe pain or ailment in their body parts & been refused by the doctors to treat them as their condition is irreversible. Bikaram yoga did the magic here by getting them cured. It presents a ray of hope to such patients by its yoga form and promises to bring the original condition of the body back.

Expert view

Our body has very little extra energy to waste away. The energy demand in heated environment catalyzes certain bodily processes and slows down other processes. Heated environment is not natural or normal condition for the body. Our body is meant to function at normal temperatures; Yoga should be practiced in optimum & comfortable conditions. Imagine doing Yoga when you are suffering from Fever and your body temperature is 105 deg. Fahrenheit! Thus Bikaram yoga crerates unnatural conditions for the body to bring it back to normalcy. This normalcy and health is achieved at the cost of other body problems.

IPR violation

The popularity and controversy related to Bikaram Yoga along with the benefits enjoyed by people, led to increasing its demand among the people. Some disciples of Bigram Yoga too opened their own shops and started teaching this form and minting money out of it.Their increasing competition and lesser price lead to shutting down of some Bikaram yoga centers due to lack of students. Thus Bikaram was forced to sue them legally for the violation of IPR in the lawsuit filed against them.


  • Increased Vitality
  • Weight Loss
  • Detoxification
  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • Reduced Stress

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